Today's Forum for Oct. 12

"It is a complete embarrassment that the Dalton City Council has allowed the John Davis Rec Center to become so junky. The council is sitting on a pile of cash, just millions upon millions of dollars, but they allow the rec center to rot away. What a disgrace. How was the city able to rebuild the Mack Gaston Community Center without jacking up property taxes or begging for another SPLOST? Where is the leadership?"

"It seems like everyone is in line to squander the next SPLOST — if there is one."

"I agree with President Trump. A person being charged with a crime does not and cannot be compelled to testify against him or herself. If the Democratic House has the votes to bring forth Articles of Impeachment then they should. My money is on no official charge of impeachment because they can't win."

"Ten thousand ISIS fighters have now been set loose thanks to Donald Trump."

"Sounds like old Donald is obstructing justice to me, and I know our allies sure don't care for that man too much."

"People who have time to call the Forum about such inconsequential matters as the location of shopping carts in a parking lot have too much time on their hands. I would be more than happy to swap my problems with theirs."

"Your column is right about the people who are running our country. The Democrats will lie and cheat to accomplish their plans to destroy America. They hate Trump so much they don't care about America."

"When Pizza Hut first opened, their crust was the best part of the pizza. They changed it and became just another pizza joint."

"Has anybody noticed that the new commercials depict Caucasians as being fat, ugly and stupid? I don't know what this is. Why are they doing that?"

"Congratulations to the City Council for not allowing Bryan Spence to build on a medium-density property on Chattanooga Avenue."

"It’s a shame that you were indoctrinated in college instead of being taught critical thinking skills."

"Maybe instead of McMansions, we can bring in some trailer parks for those elusive young professionals."

"How about them Braves? That’s one way to stop the tomahawk chop."

"If it's October in Atlanta, you know the Braves are going to choke."

"The Falcons are 1-4 and my heart goes out to Arthur Blank for the investment he's made in it for it to be as disappointing as it is to him, the fans and the city of Atlanta. They are an embarrassment to the league. It's a terrible shame. They need to clean house starting with the head coach and some of the players. They might as well start rebuilding because that's the way it's going. It's going south. I really feel sorry for Mr. Blank dropping all the money he has and giving him tools to work with and apparently they can't do that."

"Yes, the north bypass is two lanes of traffic each direction, basically east-west. And yes, motorcycles are thinner than cars. But they should not be passing in-between cars. When we change lanes and strike a motorcycle, who's to blame with them changing lanes between cars? Really? Who's watching out for who?"

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