Today's Forum for Oct. 4

"Adam Schiff, better known as 'Shifty Schiff' by his recent actions, has shown how little he thinks of the intelligence of us average citizens. He gets caught in one lie, he just tells another, and another, and another."

"Lock him up! Lock him up!"

"Has the Forum run out of material, or are we just committed to repeating the same worn-out pro-Trump propaganda?"

"I would like to encourage all managers to tell their staff who are dealing with customers that when a customer says 'Thank you' the proper response is not 'No problem,' it is 'You are welcome.' 'No problem' makes it sound like I bothered you and I should have eaten or shopped somewhere else."

"A patriot is a hero that tells the truth at his/her personal risk instead of some sniveling coward bootlicking a tyrant like Trump. Believing lies and defending lies is false patriotism."

''There is a solution to carts left everywhere in parking lots. Do like Aldi and charge a quarter to use it. People will walk a mile to get that quarter back. I never see them unattended there."

"Not only do people leave their shopping carts all over the parking lot because they are too lazy to put them in the area provided, they also continue to throw their trash on the roadway. Most likely taught by their parents."

"DeWayne Hunt is using LMIG matches to support the purchase of a $570,000 milling machine, but the county got LMIG matches for years before purchasing a milling machine. Mr. Hunt also ignores the ongoing personnel and maintenance costs. You have to pave a lot more than 30 miles a year to justify buying such a milling machine. Google it. The county should be contracting for any milling required."

"While there is no question that too many Whitfield County citizens are just too lazy to take any interest in local government matters, lack of SPLOST project suggestions may simply be another rejection of this tax increase. In any case, suggestions should clearly demonstrate the need for the project and benefit seen for the entire county, not just a want. Taxes should benefit the area, not satisfy a want for a specific group or area."

"Have you considered, Mr. Editor, that citizens haven't proposed SPLOST projects because we don't think there should be a SPLOST?"

"People are still worried about recreational pot here in 2019? Propaganda works, I guess."

"Have you noticed the so-called national news media reports everything the Democrats accuse President Trump of doing pretty much verbatim? Most of the time they state the Democrats are telling the truth, even when their remarks can't be substantiated, which is almost always always. But when they report what President Trump accuses the Democrats of doing their favorite closing comment is that 'there is no evidence to support President Trump's accusations.' Seems to me we've been conned. Very few members of the national news media present the news impartially. We, as responsible citizens, must do independent research rather than rely on the national news media."

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