Today's Forum for Oct. 7

"You know what I find odd? In any other situation, whether it be hiring someone to build a house, or do our taxes, or work on our car, or fix an appliance or our A/C or work on our computer, buy insurance from, worship at their church ... we’d be careful to choose someone honest, who doesn’t lie, someone with a good track record, someone who doesn’t have a reputation for cheating people, someone with good moral character. Yet there are more than a third of Americans who are happy to have someone with none of those characteristics running our country."

"As a veteran it's nice when I receive a discount but I don't feel anyone owes me a discount. The veteran with the attitude towards the dentist should be ashamed of himself. I appreciate your service but no one owes you anything."

"Democrats would love to do more to help the American people, but Republicans have their heads stuck in the sand and won't let them.''

"As our country is being run by a puppet of the Russian mafia, as our greatest adversaries are acquiring nuclear weapons, as the Chinese are stealing our secrets and gobbling up the world’s resources, as open invitations are being issued to corrupt our elections, as the planet is literally on fire, you’re printing regurgitated, baseless, right wing media talking points."

"Tired of hearing Mitt Romney mouth off on President Trump. No matter how bad Trump is, Romney will never be president. He had his bid and lost, thank goodness. He is a washed up has-been who needs to get over himself."

"Those of us on Collins Road are concerned about the shooting going on Saturday near us. Too many roads and houses to be out shooting. Made the grandkids come inside."

"When the article came out in the paper about the millet gravel the county would be giving away to residents I went to the Whitfield County road department and filled out an application that day, They even called and verified that we wanted it. Over a year later they're on my road repaving and when I call they say they have no record of my form, to resubmit. Why is it that you see it everywhere? I know they have been in my area before but no gravel. Is it a money thing? Ridiculous!"

"Now that Pence is under the bus, how does Madame President Pelosi sound?"

"A Forum caller said to get your heads out of the sand. Impeachment proceedings are led by impeachable offenses. In the case of President Trump the impeachment proceedings are lead by a coup attempt simply because he defeated the anointed one, Hillary Clinton."

"Dalton’s running back Gibbs is an amazing player but he’s not the only one on the team."

"Attention, St Louis Cardinals. Y'all better go home and do a lot of practicing and praying, cause the Braves are coming and they are bringing y'all a whooping. Go Braves."

"Trump is painting himself into a corner, but instead of putting down his paintbrush, he’s doubling down and redefining reality. Fake news wasn’t good enough. Of course, the irony is totally lost on his supporters, but the biggest distributor of fake news has been DJT. He’s now calling the press 'corrupt news,' which is also ironic, considering that his administration is corruption epitomized. Anyone who thinks that that’s how you make America great has a distorted view of what is a great America."

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