Today's Forum for Oct. 29

"My response to the Forum reader who is a Democrat 'Kool-Aid’ drinker and recently accused President Trump of just about everything imaginable, just short of a shakedown of Santa Claus. You just go ahead and help elect one of your everything free for all socialist Democratic candidates and watch the country go into an out of control freefall like Venezuela, which was once the richest country in Latin America and now is in a total collapse because of their socialist regime government."

"A lot of people are saying that however, whenever, Trump leaves office, the National Association of Evangelicals ought to crown Trump to rule over the organization for life. That’s what they want for the country, right?"

"Kudos to the teacher at City Park for stopping the waste of perfectly good food. I have seen this waste for years at other schools but was told it had to be thrown away. I hope other schools follow suit and stop throwing away food when there are students who are going hungry at home."

"High-speed trains in Dalton would trigger an economic boom that would make the carpet industry look like a lemonade stand."

"Government-funded high-speed trains have boondoggle written all over them."

"We all know what opinions are like, and everybody has one. I personally think Walter Williams is brilliant! Can’t wait to read his column in Friday’s paper because he appears to be the only contributing writer that has a grasp on what is really going on in our country and the train wreck it’s becoming. If people would read him with an open mind they might realize he has a very valid point."

"If the Democrats were really as smart as they think they are they would stop living in denial and their utopian alternate reality and just acknowledge that their policies do not work and are anti-American at best. Their beliefs are opposite of what American values are and it's time for them to admit it."

"Before you complain about law enforcement driving cars home and the types of vehicles used you should enlighten yourself as to the logistics behind it. If there is a big incident that needs all hands on deck, officers having cars at home don't lose an hour or so trying to get to the station to get the cars ready and to get headed to the scene. As far as the ones that have SUVs, maybe you should check and see all of today's necessary equipment these few units carry. But I am guessing if you are complaining about this you are probably one that believes law enforcement and firefighters don't deserve air conditioning. So until you educate yourself a bit you need to cool your heels. Aw heck, why don't you man up and go take these jobs for a bit and you may get a better understanding?"

"Arthur Blank may be a genius when it comes to running a business, but his ability to run a professional football franchise is severely lacking. In waiting weeks to fire head coach Dan Quinn, he is only delaying the inevitable. The Falcons will always be the Falcons."

"Just wondering if the aggrieved Georgia sports fan has found any new teams."

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