Today's Forum for Oct. 9

"What's up with parking on Tuesdays downtown? I can't ever find a parking space."

"Do these words describe Hillary Clinton? Honest, doesn’t lie, good track record, doesn’t cheat people, has good moral character. We had a choice. We chose the better of the two. And we’re happy."

"What does one have to do with the other? My husband and I are seniors, not totally disabled yet. We return our shopping carts to the holding areas, we mow our own yard and guess what? I also go to the gym. It’s just pure laziness!"

"Matt Ryan will never get over 28-3. Dan Quinn is not an effective head coach. The Falcons should accept that this crew is finished and get what they can for them and go into full rebuilding mode. They won't, and we'll have to suffer through several more years of poor performance, but they should."

"Hey, Democratic badger, while you mentioned all the negative things the Democrats represent, you left out their desire to save this country. They are diligently working on removing this criminal and his minions from our White House. Thank God!"

"First, my admiration to Annalee Harlan for her vote. I think you are right. I think the matter wasn't examined thoroughly."

"As to the pile of dirt next to Chili's, my wife has figured it out. It is the advent of 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.' She caught me sculpting my mashed potatoes the other night. That's got to be it."

"The pile of trash and waste behind the old jail on Waugh Street is an abomination. You can see it from the street. Code enforcement needs to go over there and start writing tickets. Would the city allow a home to have this kind of garbage strewn about the yard?"

"Although you've walked into this bank building many times during the past 50 years and were met by a knowledgeable, helpful bank associate, don't be discouraged now when you are met by an undertrained, self-centered employee whose vocabulary consists mainly of 'No' and 'I'm the only one you can talk to.' Just step around this employee and speak with one of the knowledgeable, friendly ladies behind the counter who will make every effort to meet your sincere, reasonable need if it can be done. Sadly, this institution will suffer unless this situation is corrected."

"As always, Chick-fil-A has trained their employees properly. When they respond back to a customer they always say 'My pleasure.' What a professional statement that is."

"The person that's throwing the big party when President Trump is impeached, please give us your address."

"I think the idea of an air show would be great but no one has made mention of liability for both the city and the county. I would just like to know if we are covered in the event — God forbid — of some tragedy."

"If Hunter Biden is not guilty of the situation, why doesn't he show his face and be a man?"

"How dare the Whitfield County SPLOST committee even think about creating a healthy environment for its employees?"

"I miss Rev. Henderson's column in the paper every month. I know that it's been out the past couple of months. Has he stopped writing?"

Editor's note: The Rev. G. David Henderson's column will be published in this Saturday's newspaper.

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