Today's Forum for Oct. 27

"God forbid that a U.S. president ask a foreign government to look into an extortion of billions of dollars given to a vice president’s son."

"Joe Biden, who is besieged by many questions over his youngest son’s business dealings in Ukraine and China, recently made the comment if he is elected president that his children will not have offices in the White House. Why did he not have a problem with his conflict of interest when this inexperienced son got those privileged, high-paying positions in Ukraine and China while he was serving as U.S. vice president?"

"Walter Williams is on a moral decline. I think his soul belongs to a Libertarian billionaire who thinks his money makes him worthy of owning your soul."

"You bragging on our officials has not paved nor repaired the cracks, dips and potholes in our streets. It has also hasn't improved nor stopped illegal trash dumping and or collections. Maybe you should investigate the complaints and not blindly 'stand by your man or woman' while spouting their virtues as progressives."

"I'm not a smart person, but for the police chief asking for new cars to be paid out of a future SPLOST I have a few suggestions. One, stop letting your officers drive the police cars home. I've seen them all over northwest Georgia. That would cut down on the wear and tear significantly, and cars would last much longer. Here's another: Stop buying expensive, gas-guzzling, unneeded SUVs when regular cars are just as effective. My requests are all a pipe dream because the City Council can't say no to anybody."

"Can someone help me? I'm looking for two Valley Point High School yearbooks, 1957 and 1958. Call me at (818) 497-5466. I would really appreciate it."

"The Forum is getting boring. It's nothing but trashing President Trump, the best president we've ever had. He's lowered our taxes. He's done everything he said he'd do."

"I've been a Republican for over 40 years. Voted Republican every time there was an election. But not any more, between Tom Graves not facing the public a few years back and the way Trump is acting now. I'll never vote Republican again."

"For the person who voted for Obama twice and after next year's election will have voted for Trump twice, I did not vote for Trump. I did vote twice for Obama and I will vote for anybody but Trump. Hopefully, Joe Biden."

"I have an idea. Let's put Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on a deserted island and let them battle it out for control of the island."

"I think the Forum has used enough space about the lady who was tasered. I'm 95 years old but I do have sense enough to know that when a policemen instructs me, I do it."

"These people that hate our president so bad, I'm afraid if they die with that hatred in their heart they'll be going the wrong way."

"Of course the Dalton Convention Center needs a hotel and restaurant. That's been known since the day it was built."

"For the life of me I don't understand why the convention center needs a hotel when there are half a dozen of them less than half a mile away. Are our city and county leaders that out of touch with reality?"

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