Today's Forum for Oct. 10

"Another example today of the White House and the POTUS, specifically, not understanding our U.S. Constitution! We have three branches of government and each has members who have sworn to uphold said Constitution. Not complying to requests for documents and/or testimony is obstruction and demonstrates the executive branch’s tendency towards dictatorship, not democracy. Yet another reason for impeachment proceedings."

"I’m the guy who said that our country is being run by a puppet of the Russian mafia, which I stand by. I didn’t attend CNN University as a Forum contributor suggested, but I did attend an actual accredited university that contributed to my critical thinking skills."

"Glad it takes me 30 minutes to go a mile. What is with all of the random construction in Dalton? I just need to get from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time."

"Thank you, Annalee Harlan, for your no vote on the proposed airshow. The mayor and council have not publicly shared details of all costs associated with this proposal other than the $50,000 to be paid to the promoter. Realistically, with an 80-mile draw area, how many attendees will spend the night? The airport is in the county so can the Dalton police provide security? How did the parking question get resolved — or did it? Why was the May 2020 Rome show canceled? Seems we're playing second fiddle."

"Why should the taxpayer pay for a feasibility study for a private enterprise? Why should the taxpayer pay for a loan and tax breaks for that same private enterprise? Methinks our elected officials have a fetish with real estate development and it is not working for the taxpayer. I am sure it works great for those few publicly and secretly involved."

"Isn't it poetic justice that our county commissioners are getting the old 'we need more money but we are not telling you the reason why' routine? Hollywood screenwriters could not dream up the stuff we residents suffer through."

"It seems the Dalton City Council has forgotten that Whitfield County is one community. People are complaining that our county is not growing but our elected officials can't seem to work together. Shame on the Dalton City Council for not providing meeting information ahead of time. You can't expect people to show up for negotiations when they don't know what will be negotiated."

"For once I’m in agreement with Mrs. Laughter. What do the city officials fear about releasing their facts and details of what they want?"

"If you voted for Trump because he is honest, has good morals and is dependable, then you're blind to his ways.''

"The old jail should be demolished and the land sold to someone willing to build mixed-use apartments on that spot."

"It's not clear to me why the zoning board would allow anything other than high-density development. We don't need any more boomer 'McMansions.' We need quality homes young professionals can afford. Build up!"

"Those words absolutely describe Hillary Clinton. Seek truth rather than whatever propaganda you are immersed in."

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