Today's Forum for Oct. 28

"I just got my property tax bill. As a city resident I'm paying more to the county than I am to the city — for far fewer services! I'm being gouged by the county along with every other city taxpayer. I say the City Council should hold their feet to the fire."

"I see Walter Williams is continuing to pander to the religious right. It’s a false narrative. There is no war on Christianity, but there will always be pushback when religious tenets are pushed to become U.S. law. Also, just because I wish you a happy holiday does not mean I am at war with Christmas ... anymore than I’m at war with Chanukah. You’re being told this by politicians and men of God (in name only) who want to drive a wedge between the voters."

"Responding to the lady who has sense enough to follow instructions, so as not to get Tasered. That was the original poster's point. At least half of it. Why weren’t the Tasers deployed when this unruly man didn’t comply with instructions."

"I applaud Mitt Romney standing up to POTUS. He is brave and ought to be commended instead of criticized. He is putting country first, unlike other GOP members who are towing the Trump line for the purpose of re-election or to win favor. I’m surprised that they don’t yet realize that he does not demonstrate the same loyalty he expects from followers."

"High speed trains in Georgia? This will work out about as well as the new nuclear reactor. We won’t be able to print the money fast enough."

"It looks like these city/county service agreements are a gold mine for the attorneys."

"Teachers get a pay raise and scores go down?"

"I read with dismay that Isakson and Perdue joined the anti-impeachment campaign. That’s a shame because that’s not how the articles of impeachment are set up in the Constitution. There should be no campaign to support or fight in this instance. If a possible wrongdoing is reported to Congress, it is Congress’ responsibility to inquire, investigate and impeach — if necessary — if/when they determine a crime has been committed. That’s why it is a process. Folks, this isn’t a popularity contest. Let the people you elected to Congress do their jobs and uphold the Constitution that they took an oath to uphold, regardless of who you like/dislike."

"I'll be glad when Johnny Isakson is gone. What has he ever done except try to not make anybody mad? As head of the Veterans Affairs Committee, all employees of the VA — especially medical — should have been as afraid of him as they would be of a snake. Isakson's favorite phrase was always, ‘Let's wait and see.’"

"The only thing that surprises me about the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Trump didn’t say he jumped out of the helicopter and killed him hand-to-hand. But he did abandon the Kurds giving ISIS fighters a chance to escape."

"Before you complain about law enforcement driving cars home and the types vehicles use you should enlighten yourself as to the logistics behind it. If there is a big incident that needs all hands on deck, officers having cars at home don't lose an hour or so trying to get to the station to get the cars ready and to get headed to the scene. As far as the ones that have SUVs maybe you should check and see all of the today's necessary equipment these few units carry. But I am guessing if you are complaining about this you are probably one that believe law enforcement and firefighters don't deserve air conditioning. So until you educate yourself a bit you need to cool your heals. Aw heck, why don't you man up and go take these jobs for a bit and you may get a better understanding."

"Everyone dislikes Daylight Savings Time, but the government acts like they can't do anything about it despite it only existing because of politicians."

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