Today's Forum for Oct. 25

"What do our country’s top military officers think about Trump? They are worried that he will be commander-in-chief for five more years. But of course, they haven’t seen your pay stub with a few extra dollars in it, or your growing 401(k). Maybe they wouldn’t be so fearful and pessimistic. Personally, I wish that everyone who has enabled or supported him could be held responsible for the havoc he will cause in the future."

"I voted for Obama twice. After next year's election I will say I voted against Trump twice.''

"Funny how the man in Chatsworth gave the officers all that grief, kicking and thrashing, attempted head butting and just a crazy amount of resistance. Not once were Tasers mentioned being deployed. Oh, but an elderly lady with a steak knife cutting flowers. 'Let’s take her down.' Ridiculous."

"Mr. Editor, would you please tell our local officials that we get all the hype about their greatness, philanthropy and the much-needed tax increases from the regular articles in the Daily Citizen-News. I feel that there is no need for additional 'atta boys,' 'look how great we are' and back slapping to be published daily in the Forum. We can spot or smell their post a mile off. Oh snap! I think I just beat you to the punch."

"Every time a government office presents a list of projects to the SPLOST committee, I see 10 percentage points being knocked off from the yes vote."

"The city built infrastructure back when it was understood that taxes were the price we pay for civilization, and that it was OK to spend money to make the city better. Now we are ruled by rich libertarians who would happily sell every asset the city owns if it meant they could save a nickel on taxes, and who don't really care about any community but the one in their gated neighborhood."

"I think these people who are bashing Trump need to get down on their knees and pray about that."

"To the Forum caller wanting a new sports team to pull for, I would suggest the New England Patriots. They've won several Super Bowls and probably have a little more left in them to win some more. They might even go undefeated this year. So if you want a team to watch and probably will enjoy a win on every Sunday, that would be the team to go with."

"To the disillusioned and disenchanted Georgia sports fans looking for another team to support, you'd be welcomed to join Gator Nation."

"Sports will always break your heart. Always."

"I have a question. Is Andrew Parker related to Jason Parker?"

Editor's note: No, they are not related.

"I totally agree with this person that put in there that the most annoying commercial for insurance is that Liberty Mutual. I mean, come on. A man and a bird? It's ridiculous."

"Today, the many structures mankind creates — politics, religion and culture in general — are all about creating a homogeneous, agenda-driven narrative for people to keep them equal. That is the same common denominator, or at the same level, of a created mediocrity."

"Hey, what's Rudy doing now? Hiding."

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