Today's Forum for Oct. 1

"If you lost a fabric doll with letters on the paws of it, please call (706) 278-4640 at AOG. This was found in the parking lot of AOG. Please ask for Jasey."

"Will the right-wing ever have their blindness cured?"

"Any business that went through as much staff as the White House does would go out of business. Even Republicans no longer believe Trump’s one-time claim that he only hires the best people, especially when he calls all these people that he hand-selected bums and idiots as they’re leaving."

"A socialist yelled at me, 'Why are you a Republican?' I said, 'I am not a Republican, I currently vote Republican because I am a centrist.' There was a time when individuals wanted to control their own lives by using their minds when voting. Many today are voting with their emotions and being lured by socialists into having the government control their lives by offering everyone free stuff."

"It's going to be so much fun reading the Forum when Georgia goes blue in 2020."

"I'm tired of hearing the phrase 'unsubstantiated whistleblower complaint.' Mr. Trump substantiated it when he sent the transcript of the phone call to Congress."

"What is downtown Dalton wanting to be known for? Bars, evidently. Alcoholic beverages may be served in bars and restaurants between 12:30 p.m. and midnight on Sunday, and between 8 a.m. and 2:55 a.m. Monday through Saturday. You certainly don’t want to live downtown any more with bars staying open in mixed-use buildings until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Oh wait, that is Sunday morning until 2 a.m. How is anyone supposed to sleep? We are asked to get behind Believe Greater Dalton. Is this short for 'I believe I will just have another drink'?"

"OK, you political science major. If you want to know what the Democrats have done, just go to Moscow Mitch’s desk where everything they have tried to do has been sitting on his desk for the last three years. The best president on Earth? Give me a break, and take your blinders off. Sad!"

"If an elected official serves more than two terms, does he not move from a civil servant to a self-server category?"

"If higher and more taxes make things better, why are we not perfect by now? Asking for a fed-up taxpayer."

"DeWayne Hunt is requesting $27.5 million in SPLOST funding which includes $3 million for new equipment. Recall that the commissioners approved spending $570,000 out of their operating budget for a milling machine. Whitfield County only paves about 30 miles each year. Taxpayers provided commissioners economic analysis contradicting the proposed purchase. They approved it anyway."

"Dear SPLOST committee. Keep digging deeply into every SPLOST request. Specifically, thank you for your questions regarding Whitfield County's $27.5 million request for public works. You should not have had to ask the questions you did regarding remaining useful life of structures such as bridges. That data should have been provided. Why aren't the commissioners, who are being paid with tax dollars, doing the kind of job you are doing?"

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