Today's Forum for Oct. 23

"The president of the United States doesn't know the emoluments clause is real. He's a huckster."

"If someone wants to know what a store sells, or what they’re out of, they need to get in their car and go see. If they’re unable to do this, then whoever gets their groceries needs to do this. Unless you’re willing to pay for this service, you can’t expect a store to provide it."

"People voted into office cannot be removed from office except by those voters sounds more like democracy than communism."

"So Whitfield County, Dalton, Cohutta, Varnell and Tunnel Hill are just going to lose free grant money because local elected officials can't get along? Brilliant. We taxpayers appreciate that."

"Hopefully the voters realize that the City Council's six-year Capital Improvement Plan is actually a six-year plan to raise your property taxes and get a SPLOST to boot. Vote!"

"If a long-term plan is all that's needed to get the City Council their wish list of projects, why are they so adamant about needing another SPLOST? Just saying."

"So how did the City Council pay for the recreation department before there was a SPLOST?"

"I am so tired of liberals/progressives (the P.C. police) twisting or spinning what conservatives say. Just because a word has been used in the past to describe a despicable act does not mean it can't be used in other ways. If their attitude prevails all spoken language will disappear. Come on, people, use your common sense."

"I’m sure the Trump children are breathing a little easier, now that 'outrage' over receiving large sums of money from foreign governments is focused on Hunter Biden."

"On Nov. 5, Murray County will have a special election to vote for a TSPLOST tax for roads. This will put our tax rate at 8%. We have no shopping, no place to buy shoes nor clothes. I will vote against this tax. Somehow, our elected officials need to guard tax spending like we have to do at home. We have a SPLOST tax that is squandered on wants, not needs. We have big, nice four-wheel-drive vehicles paid for by SPLOST. Government vehicles. Stop wasting tax money."

"Why are these departments asking for fire trucks and police cars under a SPLOST? Shouldn't these be paid for out of our tax money already? I think they need to look deeper into their spending rather than ask for a SPLOST."

"I'm a Baby Boomer. Don't blame me for all these other Generation Xs and Zs and whatever else. I don't have any kids."

"Can we not escape politics at all? I tried to watch a TV program on channel 9 the other night and it's got politics in it, so I turned it off."

"I see it's just as difficult playing those Atlanta schools every week as it was when I was playing for the Catamounts back in the early 1970s. The good thing now is that the top four teams in the region make the playoffs as opposed to only one back in my day. You're right, I'm still mad we didn't make the playoffs."

"For the person thinking about giving up Georgia sports, he should've become a Boston sports fan 20 years ago. Nothing but championships."

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