Today's Forum for Oct. 24

"Most of you who once voted for and elected Obama and the Democratic Congress as you fell for their 'hope and change’ narrative which in reality was really just ‘hype and lies.’ It now seems that most of you who fell for this ‘great lie’ in 2008 and later had buyer's remorse still cannot grasp and comprehend enough to see through the lies while you continue to drink their 'Kool-Aid’ rhetoric."

"Never turn your back on your sports team, win or lose. I've been a diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan all my life and I'll die that way.''

"Would you hire a plumber that's not a plumber, a lawyer that's not a lawyer, a doctor that's not a doctor, a carpenter that's not a carpenter and expect to get good results? Why would you want a politician that's not a politician? Would you expect him to produce good results?"

"Christine Flowers, here’s what identity politics looks like if you're a Republican: White, not gay, Christian, well-to-do or naive enough to think that the well-to-do have your best interests at heart. You may be an Independent, but if you can overlook the GOP’s attitudes towards non-whites, LGBTQ communities, non-Christians and lower socioeconomic groups, then you’re probably Republican."

"How much are we paying for a special election for a TSPLOST to raise taxes in Murray County to 8%? I know we have problems with our roads. Most are due to neglect for several years. It seems we put our wants before our needs. I would like to see our county leaders make better decisions before we give them another 1% sales tax. The fact that all will pay sales tax makes it more fair. Correct me if I am wrong, people who own property are paying taxes, if they rent the property, they include tax expense into the rent they collect. Taxpayers and leaders, we all need to be wise in our decision-making."

"Our local governments paid for everything within the existing tax structure, paved the roads, built bridges and schools. They also, along with business, organizations and private citizens, built the recreation department. Today they couldn't or wouldn't buy toilet paper without a tax increase."

"Just wondering why a copy of the letter was sent to the Chattanooga paper before it was sent to the local paper. This action is suspicious and raises further doubts about the leadership exhibited by the City Council. Also, does this action violate the attorney/client privilege that the city has so conveniently hidden behind during this entire process?"

"Come on, Republicans, it is past time for Section 4, 25th Amendment. The president is not fit to govern."

"Since the city stopped picking up glass, some of us are traveling to the recycle center on MLK now. It would be very helpful if stripes were painted on the speed bumps."

"House GOP members stormed a deposition and stayed to order pizza, delaying the process by five hours. Your tax dollars at work, everyone."

"Trump sold the Kurds out. Putin and Erdogan have a treaty where Turkey will settle Kurdish land, then when Turkish settlers fight over Kurdish land, Erdogan will take more land. The Kurds are the only real allies we have in the area and Trump made them a loser."

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