Today's Forum for Sept. 13

"A shoutout to Cohutta fourth-graders who toured the Tunnel Hill reenactment site last Friday. Respectful, interested and so smart. A pleasure to be their guide."

"Sorry, it isn't the Democrats making Trump look bad. He himself does that 85% of the time he opens his lying mouth or sends out his crazy tweets that are never factual. So don't blame the Dems for making him look bad."

"And about the Vols and that kid's T-shirt. You are absolutely correct. They may not win a game all year but they are champs and true sportsmen. Now I almost have to pull for them just out of respect for that move off the field."

"Could almost stomach Polman's latest tirade until he quoted 'Sleepy Joe' Biden in the last paragraph about President Trump's erratic behavior. With all of Biden's gaffes and speech slip-ups, that was almost comical."

"Dick Polman's article about Trump's economy almost seemed to be pulling for an economic downturn to hurt his re-election. GDP up, stock market up, unemployment at decades low, income up and poverty down. Imagine our economy with one of the far left, Democratic socialists at the helm."

"I’ll gladly match my generosity with yours. I want to donate to what I deem important rather than have our commissioners blow it on useless projects."

"I’m glad that Trump fires people who fail to get things done rather than keeping them on the payroll."

"Agreed on the mountain bike trail. How dare we try and attract affluent young professionals? Dalton should only consider installing facilities that cater to the overweight redneck demographic. I say we tear down Admin. 1 and put in a hog wrasslin' pit."

"We should ban smoking downtown."

"Since I'm tired of watching 'My Cousin Vinny' during the Democratic debates, I'll pull out 'Some Like It Hot' to relieve the boredom."

"Well, we've had a mass stabbing by a man with a pocket knife in Tallahassee, Florida. It is so very sad, but are we going to ban pocketknives now?"

"The barking dogs of ignorance. Nobody wants to take law-abiding citizens’ guns away. NRA propaganda, scare tactics."

"Law-abiding citizens don't do mass shootings. And you want to take my gun because you've had a little emotional rant?"

"We desperately need the lines repainted on Highway 41. They're getting awful."

"To the person that wrote in about barbershops needing books to read for children, that's actually the responsibility of the family. No private business needs to be teaching your kids to read."

"Has anyone been to downtown Rome lately and seen how nice their old town looks? I tell you what, downtown Dalton could take a page out of their books."

"I enjoyed reading about the Wright School of Business. This is a wonderful thing the Wrights did giving back to the community."

"I can't seem to find any store that sells good chicken salad. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get the best chicken salad in the area?"

"Matt Hamilton's photo on Thursday's front page took my breath away. Bravo!"

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