Today's Forum for Sept. 11

"Why did the SPLOST advisory committee spend time discussing another mountain bike venue for the benefit of a handful of middle-aged yuppies? Based on the outcome of the last SPLOST vote, Whitfield County’s citizens are finally tired of financing ill-conceived boondoggles that they can’t use."

"Another Democrat comment trying to make the president look bad. The early projected path of Dorian was crossing Florida and entering the Gulf. That path puts Alabama in play. Pathetic!"

"Why do they like Trump? Because they think that Trump is responsible for the economy, which has been on a 10-year climb. Because they like the farmer bailout, even though he caused the problem. Because some of them have more money in their paychecks, while the 1% hit the jackpot and all at the the expense of an exploding deficit. Because he’s dismantling our environmental protection regulations because big biz doesn’t care what we drink or breathe as long as they’re making money. Because he rails against established norms that feed into the anger and prejudices of his base. Because their preachers told them to. Or, maybe they just like his hair."

"It's a shame the state of Georgia has to pay a company to clean up our roadways because people are so sorry as to throw their trash out the car window. Take a little pride. throw it in the garbage can.''

"Methinks my math is correct. I run a small business and I spend over $20,000 per month. Me also thinks you have no clue as to how the SPLOST works."

"If you really believe that climate change will destroy the Earth in 10 years, do you not wonder why we aren’t at war with China and India?"

"Dear Cal: The logical fallacy you've used is called 'the slippery slope.' It's endemic in lazy editorialists doing the least possible amount of work to get that sweet hate click payday. Do better."

"No SPLOST means county employees have to work in moldy fire traps, but to heck with those people!"

"Hope you all are enjoying paying for everyone else’s SPLOST while non-residents aren’t having to pay for ours. Here’s a great idea: go campaign against other people’s SPLOSTs for a while."

"What is the deal with the no standing or sitting signs lining Manly Street in front of Dalton High School? I guess the school doesn't want students waiting on the sidewalk to be picked up by their parents, but who made the school system king that says no one can stand on a sidewalk? Could the school system or police department please show us what laws says we can't stand or sit on a public sidewalk?"

"President Trump wants to drain 'the swamp' by limiting the number of years a U.S. senator can serve and also a U.S. representative can serve. That is a wonderful, wonderful idea. Go, Trump, go!"

"I wish the Forum readers would get over Trump lying. He's an elected official. That's what they do for a living, so get over it."

"I was just in downtown Dalton looking at the peacocks. There is paint peeling off of the peacocks, people are drawing on them. Something needs to be done. They're looking tacky, tackier than usual."

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