Today's Forum for Sept. 30

"Impeach President DJT and Mike Pence becomes president and he will pardon, then appoint DJT as vice president. The Democrats lose the next election to the Trump/Pence — Pence/Trump ticket. Happy now?"

"Congress and the media are lower than a snake's belly."

"I really enjoyed reading about the White House upgrades. Thanks to Melania Trump and all of the first ladies for overseeing this work. No matter what we think of the president or their time in office, the first ladies contribute a lot to this country. I've been to D.C. four times but now I want to go again. I've only seen the inside one time. Thanks, Daily Citizen-News, for printing this article and pictures."

"Will the left-wing Kool-Aid never run dry?"

"The entire front page of Sunday's paper, Sept. 22, was a real pleasure to read! Educational, entertaining, enlightening, and no negative articles about sex criminals or smearing the president. Hooray for you, keep it up, congratulations to whoever was responsible for the layout."

"All of these people who are welcoming the illegal immigrants to come to the United States, no matter what country they're from, if they came in here the right way and did it the right way there wouldn't be a problem. There wouldn't be any controversy or anything. But if you come over here and just take, take, take without trying to do it the right way, no, I don't approve of that, I think the only way they can get an education is to be a legal resident of the United States."

"I wonder how Matt Ryan's going to like that quarterbacking job when he gets the hang of it."

"Again, check the cost of obtaining citizenship papers and see if you as a child or young adult could have come up with the thousands of dollars needed to process the papers."

"The rights of American citizens are threatened when judges, teachers, mayors and others in position of authority become political activists and choose political party over their solemn oath of office to carry out their duties without bias or prejudice. That's not American."

"The real problem all you whiners have against Trump is this: He's not afraid of the opposition and he's not a yes man."

"Just wanted to say great job to the Eastbrook Mustangs softball team. Great game and great win!"

"Why does the Forum like to start out by bashing Trump? Trump is not weak. He gets rid of someone that does not do his or her job because he is a businessman, not a politician. Trump voters are out there working and probably don't read the paper."

"I rarely ever agree with Michael Reagan's column but his column 'Making schools less safe, California style' makes sense. It's a shame that belligerent, out-of-control kids can remain in the classroom. They need to be removed, and I hold the parents responsible for their behavior. But I suspect sometimes this kid learns that behavior at home. Now it's not right for your high-performing students to be put in with Little Johnny's bad behavior. It's not fair to the teacher. Teachers should not be allowed to be mean, as some have in the past. But get them (the out-of-control students) out of the classroom and let the principal deal with him or her. We need stricter rules on bad behavior in school."

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