Today's Forum for Sept. 10

"To the person commenting about the service dog driving and not thinking it was funny, how do you think the dog feels? That must be stressful for it."

"Latest Vols nation Knock-Knock joke: 'Knock, Knock. Who's there? Owen. Owen who? Owen two!"

"All the king's horses and all the king's men can't make the Falcons win a game."

"Another year, the same old Falcons. Those Dirty Birds laid a big egg in Minnesota. Good thing we still have the Braves to root for."

"To the Forum caller who said his SPLOST savings are $200 a month, does he not realize one penny would mean he spent $20,000 last month in order to save $200? Methinks his math is a little off."

"Shorter Kyle Wingfield: Let them eat cake."

"I have a suggestion for the SPLOST committee: Funds to provide paint to repaint the road and streets, not only on through streets but the ones with cul-de-sacs. The school buses that come on these streets go down the middle of the road. Are not the children important enough to line the streets and roads for their safety? People on roads that are not through roads pay taxes, too."

"Can somebody please explain why all these businesses plant a shrub or bush at the end of their driveway to block the view of oncoming traffic? Don't they realize that obstructing the view of traffic is more likely to lead to accidents? If I were paying for landscaping for my business, I would instruct the caretaker to remove such obstacles so I wouldn't be taken to court for creating unsafe road conditions, resulting in an auto accident."

"Those people who work here but don't live here do in fact pay 6% sales tax on anything they buy even though the SPLOST was defeated. And let's be honest. We know they aren't here to do significant shopping whatever the tax rate. How many people who do live here and wear expensive clothes and shoes buy those items locally?"

"No SPLOST means we aren't paying $34 million for county buildings which generate zero tax revenue and do nothing for economic development. Yay!"

"Another wonderful game on Thursday, Lady Mustangs. Each game you improve and show you have the drive to be the best you can be. I am very proud of you all. Keep up the good work."

"Can't Beto O'Rourke go on a rant without having to express himself using foul language? He has such a potty mouth. Matter of fact, most Democrats seem to have a potty mouth and a potty mind."

"Cohutta and Varnell should — must — adopt the Rocky Face method of policing."

"To the person that was wondering why pastors and assistant pastors don't visit people who are shut in in their homes, one word covers it. Lazy."

"To those of you who still have faith in our elected officials, remember they are they same people who believe fire trucks and cop cars fall under the 'Special Purpose' portion of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax."

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