Today's Forum for Sept. 6

"I was saddened to see Kmart close on West Walnut, even sadder to see the structure torn down. However, going to the AT&T store (no parking problem), driving to the other end eating lunch at Shoney’s, I am so thankful for the whole development. I’ve had a positive, uplifting morning. Spending time at Walnut Square shopping center added tremendously to my having a good day. Thanks to the planners, developers and all who worked to bring such a development to the city of Dalton."

"With all the hateful political vitriol printed almost daily in the Forum, it’s nice to know there are still thoughtful, kind, caring people who live here. For instance, a huge heartfelt 'thank you' to the wonderful neighbor who blew the fallen leaves from his 80-year-old neighbor’s yard, driveway and street gutter on Rainsong Road. He did it just because he could."

"Could SPLOST money be used to demolish the old jail?"

"I've got a great SPLOST idea: No SPLOST."

"Anybody who wants to tell me about how America is a meritocracy really needs to explain Meghan McCain's career first."

"I’m sure that seeing-eye dogs are exempt from riding in the driver’s laps."

''Could this be the year of the Indians? Good luck, Murray County.''

"Those of you who are considering voting Democrat in 2020, as all their candidates are promoting a socialist form of government, please consider what has happened in Venezuela, which has become a country in chaos and is facing a particularly bleak future. Despite sitting on the world’s largest reserves of oil and was once considered one of the richest countries in the Western Hemisphere, it now has a decimated economy that is the result of a socialist, mismanaged government."

"The dog named addiction barks loudly."

"I think it's become The Weather Channel's new job just to scare the bejesus out of the country."

"I heard something about a hurricane. Has anybody heard anything about that?"

"If Dalton hadn't played all of their junior varsity players the whole fourth quarter, the score might have been 100-7."

"Why can't a reasonable, rational, deliberate, thoughtful, tactful, moderate centrist, or better yet an independent person, run for president? Good luck finding such a person in today's political, cultural and polarized society."

"Just want to give a shoutout and thanks to everyone in Rocky Face. Beautiful lawns mowed and roadsides mowed, trash all picked up. Looks so good. Very nice. Good job."

"After dealing with government agencies, medical offices and other companies, I know one thing for certain. Incompetence reigns supreme."

"It'd be nice when they get Trump impeached and gone. It would be the happiest day of my life. That way all the jobs can go with him and we can all get back on food stamps and welfare. That's the best way to live."

"I think I saw a bad moon rising over Rocky Top."

"Poor Tennessee. They've hired three coaches in a row who can talk better than they can coach."

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