Today's Forum for Sept. 4

"So many complaints and/or suggestions for the SPLOST in the Forum. If you want to be heard, go to the meetings. It’s so easy to sit back in the comfort of your own home and complain in the Forum. Make your concerns and suggestions known. Go to the meetings! The committee is listening."

"For years our commissioners have been on a tax-and-spend crusade. They must be slipping as they have now started a board to help them think of new ideas for spending. It seems that even that wasn't enough, so they created the ability for anyone to suggest more spending. You really can't make this stuff up, folks."

"If our schools, fire halls, public buildings, equipment, roads and bridges were built with our conventional budget, why do we now need a SPLOST to maintain them? The better question may be what did our original taxes get spent on?"

"The fact that a judge is allowed to have a firearm inside the courthouse and the courtroom sends the message that the law thinks a judge's life is more important than ours. The lives of the masses while in the courthouse are in the hands of law enforcement being able to protect us, but a judge can protect his or herself. I've been background-checked, fingerprinted and deemed OK by the state to carry a firearm. Let me and others, who are the same, protect ourselves."

"That makes two local judges, a police chief and cop who all got off because of who they are. Judges and law enforcement around here are above the law, and anyone who says otherwise is living in a fantasy world."

"I'm wondering why the Juvenile Court judge was not dismissed the day he fired a gun in his office. He is allowed to retire six months later with no penalty. It is sad that fellow county employees can't feel safe in their work environment."

"To the person complaining about people with chronic pain taking pills, what is wrong with you? You have no idea what those people are going through or what their story is. You have absolutely no right to judge anyone. Do us all a favor and keep your selfish comments to yourself!"

"The only people who think exercise and meditation will help with chronic pain are people who don't suffer chronic pain."

"To the writer who expressed that people with chronic pain stop 'pill popping' and just get up and move. I have chronic pain from multiple autoimmune diseases, none of which I asked for. I don’t just lay around, but pain influences every facet of a sufferer’s life. You might try some compassion."

"This is to the person that submitted the Forum comment that began 'You people with chronic pain.' Opinions about what you have never experienced are worthless. Once you've experienced chronic pain, then and only then will you have earned the right to speak about it."

"You really think if we had a law to prevent pets from being in your lap it would be enforced? Local law enforcement ignores the cellphone law."

"Looks like yet another discount store will set up shop in part of the former Kmart on Cleveland Highway. Oh boy."

''To the Tennessee Vols football team, I introduce to you the Georgia State Panthers''

"Those shot in mass shootings must feel proud that the Second Amendment is keeping them safe and protecting them from tyrants."

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