Today's Forum for Sept. 23

"Shame on Dalton Public Works for discontinuing glass recycling within its recycling program. That is most of what I have each week. As of Oct. 1, I will no longer be recycling anything. That should save you some time and money as well."

"You can recycle your glass at the M.L. King Jr. location of Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority. Of course you will have to drive there like a lot of people do. You can sort it yourself, really easily and accessible."

"The dynasty is over at Calhoun. Now Dalton can add them back to their schedule."

"God forbid that a U.S. president ask a foreign government to look into an extortion of billions of dollars given to a vice president’s son."

"The commenter does not mention how the young lady from Guatemala arrived in this country. But apparently she had a path to citizenship. Under current law the people classified as Dreamers, or DACA recipients, do not have a path to citizenship. They do not meet the requirements of applying for citizenship. They're not asking for a free ride. They're asking for a path to ride on."

"The only thing I did to become an American was to be born here. I’ve contributed to American society but I know a Dreamer, one of our own (our own because he grew up around here), who has done so much more to contribute to our American society than I have and likely more than some who want to deport the Dreamers, too. If he’s not worthy of being an American, I don’t know who is."

"I am absolutely sick of the biased reporting by the national news media. They denigrate conservatives of any kind, unsubstantiated rumors, innuendos and outright lies are presented as fact. When liberals are caught in the act, illegal or immoral, the national news media ignores it or attempts to cover it up. Seems to me the same standards of conduct should apply to liberals and conservatives."

"Have you noticed how politicians never make decisions based on right and wrong? All their decisions are based on keeping or gaining power. They also like to promise to 'give' us all kinds things for free. They think we are too stupid to realize that they must first take from us anything they are going to 'give' us. Come on folks, quit falling for the same old song and dance."

"Why does NASCAR promote Coca-Cola and not Pepsi? Coca-Cola tastes awful. A cold Pepsi will invigorate you."

"When all you suburbanites stop buying all these Japanese cars and fueling the Japanese economy and buy American cars then our economy might improve. Man needs a good Ford, don't he?"

"For their victory over Calhoun Friday, I think the entire North Murray County team should be named co-players of the week."

"The Dalton Public Schools superintendent is quoted as saying that 75% of the students 'qualify for free and reduced lunches' and this doesn't seem to include county schools. Does this not speak quite loudly to the effectiveness of local leadership, especially that of those charged with economic development, for example the chamber of commerce?"

"Trump threatened to withhold congressionally mandated aid from an ally unless that ally agreed to help fabricate a story about a political opponent. His lawyer admitted this on national TV. Anyone still supporting this man is willfully ignorant."

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