Today's Forum for Sept. 25

"Ladies, I have found a way to treat the ground around your flowers with grass killer without damaging the flowers. Use a kitchen dish detergent bottle! You can squirt the killer in a spot near or fairly close to the flowers without any spray or mist hitting the flower. There is no spray or mist. Works for me. Try it!"

"Let's throw the Joint Development Authority in with the chamber of commerce when expressing concern about economic development. The JDA keeps on giving away the store with tax abatements that simply boost the tax burden on the rest of us. Only if a company promises jobs that will raise our median pay — not average pay — should a tax abatement even be considered."

"75% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunches. If only there was some mechanism by which workers could organize and negotiate with their employers en masse for better benefits and working conditions."

"Property taxes don’t affect free and reduced lunch. That’s a federal program. Get informed, please."

"Michael Reagan is that oh-so-common breed of smug conservative who chastises the 'coastal elite' but would chew his own leg off before he sold his California home to move to south Georgia."

"My Ford truck was a piece of junk and my Toyota is still going strong 15 years later. When domestic automobiles can match Japanese quality, I'll buy them again. I want to buy American cars, but they're too expensive for the quality you get."

"The Bible says that we are not to speak evil of the rulers of the people. I noticed in the Forum and on TV a lot of people do. We are supposed to pray for our leaders."

"I think the city messed up when they hired lawyers on top or their lawyer they already have. It may be time for the citizens to lawyer up."

"Why can’t all you lucky city folks who can set their recycling containers by the road for pickup sort your recycling? I live in the county and don’t have that luxury but do recycle. My husband and I take cardboard and plastic bottles to a local school, glass to the recycling center on MLK Boulevard and plastic bags to Kroger. We are out and about all the time and don’t feel as though we are going out of our way. Plastics and glass are not biodegradable. We’ve gone from an overflowing trash container we set by the road to a half-full container. And by the way, we are seniors."

"Good for Mayor Mock and the Dalton City Council for making sure the county isn't getting a free ride on the backs of city taxpayers."

"Perhaps the county commissioners and Chairman Laughter have forgotten who paid for what when water was run throughout the county. The county did not foot the lion's share of the cost. Dalton Utilities did. That is why county rates are higher."

"What a great article about Dr. Jodi Sexton! She is truly a wonderful person. She treats animals and people as well from the heart."

"The latest rumor Democrats spread about Judge Kavanaugh was totally unsubstantiated. I consider Joe Biden bragging in front of the camera about withholding aid to Ukraine until a certain prosecutor investigating his son Hunter was fired as qualifying as caught in the act.'"

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