Today's Forum for Sept. 12

"About the path of Dorian. I didn't say another Democrat comment, I said another Democrat comment trying to make the president look bad."

"Will Trump supporters please spin the Trump/Dorian/Alabama debacle for me? I know you can do it so that it will only sound strange rather than sad and ridiculous."

"The Forum caller could easily be saving $200 a month since the SPLOST failed. What if this person is a small business owner who purchases food, office supplies, etc. locally? One percent savings add up quickly!"

"Thanks for contributing $20,000 monthly. I’m sure you have plenty of tax writeoffs to compensate for your generosity."

"I’m not worried about other counties' SPLOST tax because I spend most of my money in my home county."

"Those county employees working in 'moldy firetraps' could have been moved out a long time ago. It was only about 15 employees and the commissioners could have easily rented office space for them elsewhere and shut that building down. So, why didn't they? Perhaps they wanted to use them to make the case for a $100 million SPLOST?"

"I agree that people throw trash everywhere but once again I was driving behind a dump truck that had just emptied a dumpster into their holding tank and drove away with trash flying out of the top. Shouldn’t they have a cover that closes to prevent this from happening? I called the company and got transferred only to leave a message."

"Trump is 0-3. John Bolton is gone. Don't you get it? Trump is the swamp you voted for."

"I think Trump thinks he's still hosting the show 'The Apprentice.' He's fired almost everyone in his original Cabinet.''

"I am not by any means a Tennessee fan but kudos to Vol Nation for coming to the defense of the young boy in Florida. That’s true sportsmanship. I hope the kids who laughed at him have learned a valuable lesson."

"I think a 55-plus condo community is needed in our area. I have heard a lot of people saying they wished we had one."

"I have carried a concealed weapon for over 35 years. I carry it concealed, no one can see it. These people that carry big guns hanging on their belts in public really make me feel safe because if someone came in to do harm and rob the place or whatever, they will shoot them first, giving me time to run."

"If you're looking to blame someone for gun violence, look in the mirror. If you want change, stop sending the same politicians back to Washington who take money from the NRA."

"These people giving all of this medical advice to all of these people with aches and pains, obviously they don't have any aches or pains and I hope they never do. But if they do, some day they'll understand that aches and pains prevent you from exercising and getting out here and doing what you want to do."

"Law-abiding citizens don't commit mass murders so why should you take my gun on a whim?"

"Please, please, please somebody put a traffic light at Lower Dawnville Road and Dawnville Road. Traffic congestion is horrible."

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