Today's Forum for Sept. 24

"After reading Superintendent Scott's comments in the Sunday edition, it seems that the 'Dalton Difference' has been made off the backs of the Dalton property owners who pay outrageous taxes."

"Regarding the Forum comment about economic development and the 75% of Dalton students receiving free and reduced price lunch, consider this sobering data point. Over 95% of students at four of Dalton's six elementary schools receive free or reduced price lunch. Overall, 69% of Whitfield County students do. Our county property taxes have skyrocketed. Seemingly, our leadership thinks we're still a wealthy community."

"I went to college and I still oppose illegal immigration and amnesty no matter what banner it's wrapped in. Cheers."

"People writing into the Forum asking why Dreamers aren’t trying to become citizens don’t have a clue what any of those words mean. That’s exactly what they’re doing. That’s what that program is for. Pay at least a little attention to the world around you."

"To the person that said the Dreamers are criminals, you may be a citizen but your ignorance doesn’t let you see beyond your nose. Please read, get yourself informed, know the laws. There is not a starting point for the Dreamers to become legal."

"In a stunning upset, two Notre Dame football players won Emmy awards in acting for their ability to fake injuries in the Georgia game. Shame!"

"The Notre Dame nation should be ashamed of their coaches and players for running the old roll over and play dead play. Even UGA the wonder dog doesn’t roll over and play dead."

"What 'unsubstantiated rumor' or 'liberal caught in the act' are they talking about? Talk about 'unsubstantiated rumor.'"

"NASCAR doesn't promote Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola sponsors NASCAR. That's how advertising works. If Pepsi wants a piece of that, they will pay for it."

"The ones who were actually responsible for protecting America from Russian interference during the 2016 election included Democrat President Barack Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, CIA Director John Brennan, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency James Clapper and FBI Director James Comey. Yet the Democratic Party now continues to blame President Trump and that he has to answer for all this and bear all the burden and responsibility when it all happened under their watch."

"When people talk about the homeless, pay attention to how they frame it. Are they saying homelessness is a problem or are they saying the homeless are a problem?"

"Michael Reagan is shocked — shocked! — that homeless people live in a climate where sleeping outdoors won't ever kill you. Clearly this keen intellect is deserving of space in our city paper."

"The only way we can keep recycling glass is if Dalton citizens get much better at sorting recycling. We need to move from single to multi-stream with better education on what can and cannot be recycled.'"

''Falcons lose again. Looking for quick fixes for two seasons now. That's a little too long for me.''

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