Today's Forum for Sept. 6

"The president is clearly unwell."

"I don't think anybody on this SPLOST committee gets it. We, the taxpayers, don't think that this SPLOST should be a continuous slush fund for the county commissioners to splurge on this, that and the other. We're getting tired of paying SPLOST taxes. You need to put all of these committee members' names and numbers in the paper so we can contact them so they'll know what the people really think."

"A big thank you to the city of Dalton for putting some speed humps on Brown Street. They need to put in a few more down Brown Street on Central Avenue so people will stop running the stop sign by Brookwood School."

"I've got a question for the Democratic Party. Can you guarantee that if all assault weapons are banned there will be no more mass shootings? Can you guarantee that? Or do you just want to take the weapons away see what happens?"

"The reason the public doesn't go to these SPLOST committee meetings is because at the end of the day, no matter what the committee does, the county commissioners are going to put on the SPLOST ballot what they want on the SPLOST ballot. And when the committee dies and goes before St. Peter, the time they spent, or the time they wasted, on the SPLOST committee will be time they wish they had back."

"I am so sick and tired of hearing about Abrams in your newspaper. Please stop printing stories about her."

"Why take guns away? They do nothing. Take the people away that are handling the guns."

"I just can't get enough of Daivd Bean and Dick Polman. We need more of their letters and columns."

"Donald Trump doesn't do anything but watch cable news and send out insulting tweets."

"We finally have a president that stands up for America, and lo and behold, the socialist Democrats just can't stand that."

"To the commenter that finds it refreshing for Trump to punch back, in other words be a bully, all I can is I can't believe it."

"One reader accused the editor of being a Democrat. I think that's far from the truth. However, how much good can you say about Donald Trump?"

"Here's to all of the people that go in the exit door at Walmart: Pay attention, please. Goodness gracious."

"I bet no one criticizes President Trump when they take home their paycheck and there's more money in it due to President Trump's tax cuts. Go, Trump, go!"

"To all the people in the Forum that's giving the police in Cohutta and Varnell such a hard time, back off and leave Barney and Andy alone."

"I'm a big Joe Biden fan. I think he's real, but more importantly, he's honest. But his campaign manager needs to get a supply of Prevagen for his memory. I'll take a bad memory over a liar any day."

"My SPLOST proposal would go to the library. It's free to everyone and we could make it the best it could be."

"On the SPLOST idea for four lanes on Crow Valley Road, I totally disagree with that. If they do that I'll have to build a new house and I can't afford to build a new house."

"One of the best stores that Dalton could ever get would be a Hamricks. That place is phenomenal and every town needs one. So let the powers that be check that out.

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