Today's Forum for Sept. 1

"About these people that hold their pets in their laps while they're driving, I think it's as bad as using a cellphone while you're driving. And yes, it would be our business because it could cause a wreck just like anything else that's distracting. An animal in your lap, flipping around in your car, whatever. I think there should be a law about that as well."

"So what's going in the old Kmart on Glenwood?"

"Look out, Democrats, the polls show that 78% of all Republicans are going to be voting for Trump. How do you like that?"

"I don't think the people of Whitfield County appreciate Rome, Georgia, making the decision to increase our taxes."

"I was wondering why we don't have pastors or associate pastors from church who visit people in their homes, people that can't get out and go to church. Back in my day, they had a visitation night. They don't do that anymore. I just wondered why."

"I woke up this morning in a good mood. Then I read the Forum online. That's when my good mood crashed and burned."

"You people with chronic pain need to figure out something else to do except pill pop. That's what's wrong with this country now, people thinking that a pill will help with their pain. Probably what they need to do is get out and motivate more, walk and exercise. Probably the reason you're in pain is because you sit in that recliner and watch TV all day."

"Does everything in Dalton have to be geared for the wealthy like that new housing development will be? When are the developers who should be building homes affordable for the majority of Dalton citizens whose average yearly income is about $30,000? Once again, Dalton is showing its elitism and bias against the lower-income workers. By the way, I'd like to know how many millionaires we have in Dalton that can afford to buy those types of million-dollar homes."

"Keep those SPLOST ideas coming, folks. Just what we need. More ideas for commissioners to waste our hard-earned tax dollars on."

"Has anyone driven on I-75 through Ringgold lately? The median and sides of the roads are an absolute disgrace. It's grown up like a jungle. I swear there's a tree growing in the median that's about five feet tall. There's construction waste everywhere. Orange barrels lying on the side of the road. Who is responsible for this? What an embarrassment."

"I hope everybody that was thinking about voting Democrat read Rich Manieri's column in Wednesday's paper. He hit the nail right on the head about the failure of Democratic socialism."

"No offense to the proud few who consider themselves Democrats and lovers or America, but from what I see the words 'Democrats' and 'lovers of America' are oxymorons."

"The number of economists who believe we may be headed into a recession is over 70%. And Trump supporters think it's a Democratic spin. They really do live in an alternate reality, don't they?"

"I remember the day when no one wanted to live in Varnell, Cohutta or the Maple Grove area. It gets to the point where you can't get into Highway 2 or Cleveland Highway a lot of times. I wish nobody wanted to live here right now."

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