Today's Forum for Sept. 22

"Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams still maintain that they lost because of voter suppression. They lost because of candidate incompetence."

"With our school demographics I am saddened to see Paniagua drop from the school board race. Our Latino community needs a voice on our board."

"Best sunset in our local area is at Woodring Branch at Carters Lake."

"To the person wanting to know where the best place to watch a sunset is — my back deck."

"I agree completely with Rep. Carpenter on the right to protect the Dreamers. These are young people that have worked hard, graduated from high school. Many of them have gone on to college and have jobs and pay taxes. He has earned my vote the next time he runs."

"I would like to give a fair warning to these fast-food restaurants in Dalton. If you can't start getting my order right I'm going to start charging you all for gas when I have to make a trip back to you because you didn't get the order right. What is going on with you fast-food restaurants?"

"Saudi Arabia may not be an ally of ours, but we sure do suck up to them, and for very obvious reasons."

"Regarding the letter to the editor in Thursday's paper, the Dreamer that came here as a small child, got an education, is working, yet he still isn't an American citizen. I don't understand the reasoning behind that."

"The Democrats are not fulfilling their constitutional duties by trumping up charges on President Trump and beating a dead horse to death."

"I had a suggestion for the SPLOST committee and I'm not going to fill out a three-page application in order to do it."

"It was a joy to read Chester Clark's column 'The blessing of giving.' Thank you, Chester, for being a good Samaritan. I cannot go but I can and do give to disaster relief. They go all over the U.S. when we have a disaster. It's more blessed to give than receive."

"We've had season tickets for Dalton High football games for 40 years and I've never seen the student section display more spirit as they did at the Sequoyah game. We loved having their confetti and their signs and their cheering. Go Big Red! I hope they keep that up."

"The narrow-mindedness in this town has to be seen to be believed. So a few million kids come over here from foreign countries to better themselves by going to college and people in Dalton don't approve of it. Maybe if some of you had gone to college yourself you'd have a more enlightened view of the world."

"To all the people that think the Dreamers should stay where they are and just go about their business as usual, they are criminals. They came here illegally, whether brought by parents or whatever. They're grown now. They know that they are illegal. Why don't they start the process of getting legal?"

"I was reading in the paper about school graduation at 82%. I bet a third of them couldn't count back a dollar or write a good composition."

"My theory is the only people that call the Forum are people who need to get a life. I guess by calling in now I've proven my point."

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