Today's Forum for Sept. 7

"Thank you Lamar and Ann Wright for your gift to our community via Dalton State College. Your generosity and kindness is greatly appreciated."

"The Republic of Alabama should hurry and get their Hurricane Dorian disaster money before Trump spends it on the wall."

"Why do you like President Trump? I know it is not because he has made America great again because U.S. citizens are more politically, morally and ideologically divided than ever since the Civil War."

"A SPLOST idea. Install a roundabout at the Highway 201 and Highway 2 intersection in Varnell. Traffic backs up daily on Highway 2 because southbound drivers turning left (east) onto Highway 2 do not understand what the yield sign means. The yield sign is for northbound drivers on Highway 201 preparing to turn right (east) on Highway 2."

"Folks, this crazy fiasco of some Catholic church keeping the Harry Potter books out of the school libraries is a prime example of why we have to keep separation of church and state."

"I totally agree with the person who said the Forum should be renamed 'The Anti-Social Media.' Matter of fact, I would go a step further and suggest if the state of Georgia would allow the commenters get a license plate that says 'Chronic griper' or 'Frequent complainer.' I'm sure that they could come up with an abbreviation that would cover most of that."

"I don't think Jeremy Pruitt is going to make the grade at Tennessee."

"At one time the Forum was real interesting. It included everyone's opinion. Now it's censored and we have five days of people talking about dogs in a car."

"If you want America to be a billion people strong, vote Democrat because they love to let everybody in."

"I wish Kroger, Walmart, Nike and the like would just sell their wares and stay out of politics."

"I wonder why Donald Trump stopped that hurricane on the Bahamas and let it destroy it. It's got to be his fault. Everything else is."

"How many people out there in Forum Land think the power companies and the grocery stores just charge you what they want to now?"

"The Dems claim to be a party of freedom, but they want to tax your money, control your speech, vote, thought, guns, health and ability to make money by use of the EPA."

"What did your household do with the $17 you saved on the SPLOST last month?"

"Whoever put that in there about the person driving with their service dog and they're blind, that's not funny at all."

"I'm just curious. Is anybody else having the problem when you go out to a restaurant and you tell them five times what you want and when you get it it's still not what you ordered? Or is it just happening to me?"

"I hope the guy that was taking pictures of my house the other day had him a ball with it and gets what he wants out of it. Didn't hurt me a bit. I don't think he saw me when he was doing it. If he has a reason, he needs to tell me why he was taking pictures of my house."

"I've noticed a big change in the advertisements and commercials that are on TV. I wonder why there's such a big change."

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