Today's Forum for Sept. 29

"Taxes naturally adjust for inflation by using the exact same percentage of taxation. If property, groceries, utilities or wages increase due to inflation, so will the tax collected by the exact same percentage of increase. Spending more than you have always ends in a negative balance. Education or rational thought is a terrible thing to waste."

"You don’t change horses in midstream? Can you tell me what that was all about? Is this a private joke? Sorry, but I didn’t get it."

"I have family that condemned Bill Clinton for his messing around with Monica Lewinsky but will not say a harsh word about Donald Trump and all his sinful acts. Now, I pick up the Daily Citizen-News and read where Perdue and Graves will not say a word against this president. This president is making a mockery of our rule of law and all these allegations are more serious than messing around with women. He's destroying our country, and some of our elected officials are so lily-livered they will not stand up to him. Don't tell me how patriotic you are, show me with your vote to get Trump out of office."

"If you're a Democrat and you don't want America first, who do you want first?"

"You Trump supporters better wake up. Trump would sell this country out in a second. He's as crooked as a junkyard dog's tail."

"Hollywood and the media in general are a reflection of our culture today, existing in a state of congratulatory self-promotion while being also in a state of denial about their own responsibilities for the effects of the so-called art they produce or the truthfulness about what they broadcast. They exploit our children and grandchildren while milking you and me for every dime they can get out of us."

"Blame the parents of the Dreamers. Don't leave your country and come to my country and change it just because you want your way."

"The reason our forefathers made sure in the Constitution we had a well-armed civilian militia — militia means civilian — is to protect us from American-hating Democrats. Think about that. Civilian militia. Not an army. From Democrats."

"To the person who said the dynasty is over at Calhoun, now Dalton can add them back to their schedule, Dalton would beat the brakes off of Calhoun, they would probably love to have them this year because they could beat them 70 or 80 to nothing."

"It's hard to believe anybody could be as ignorant as Democrats. They have spent the last three years that we've had the best president on Earth in office doing things a mile long to help our country and all they have talked about in three years is impeach, impeach, impeach, hatred, hatred, hatred. Tell me one thing, please people, you Democrats have accomplished. Just put it in the Forum for me, one thing, OK? You can't do it."

"I have some questions for the climate change protesters. Are you willing to give up your car? And your hamburgers? Do you recycle? Or do you throw your trash on the ground? What do you do to make things better?"

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