Today's Forum for Sept. 27

"I have never experienced a government failure even a tenth as bad as the 'successes' that the private sector doles out on a regular basis."

'You guys do understand that inflation means taxes are always going to go up, right? Did they skip that chapter in Ayn Rand's Big Book of Economics?"

"Dreamers don't need our money. That's the entire point. They are productive members of society who lack only a bit of paperwork to make it official. All they want is something you got with no effort just by being born here."

"If you want positivity, go watch 'Mr. Rogers.' The Forum is a place for citizens to give voice to concerns that might not otherwise get aired."

"Instead of wasting taxpayers' money on committees and investigations, the money would be better used to complete the building of the border wall."

"You change horses when you need more than a show horse."

"David Bean did an excellent job getting his facts straight until he made the snarky comment about President Trump not reading much. He hires people to do that so he doesn't have to. Most presidents do that."

"Baby Boomers have ruined society. We, every generation since, are picking up the pieces of what you’ve done (and continue to do) with no roadmap because the one you’ve crafted is full of dead ends and traffic circles. Your parents were a great generation. You have been the biggest disappointment. Tom Brokaw wouldn’t even write a book about you."

"'We will oppose everything this president puts forth, our goal is to make him a one-term president.' Plus, endless criticism of the first lady’s attire, her initiatives and her looks. Republicans with selective amnesia might not recognize the above as their party’s policy, from day one, toward Barack Obama. So, every time I hear you whining about the treatment of your man in office, I hear a bunch of hypocritical crybabies."

"The guy on that horse you’re talking about is all hat, no cowboy."

"The suggested use of the hotel/motel tax money by the City Council member for the air show shows the attitude of our local leaders as to not considering this as taxpayer money. This attitude is doubled as far as the SPLOST money is concerned."

"David Bean is a typical (Democrat). Tells more lies than truths, and accuses the Republicans of lying. Fortunately the country recognizes what’s going on and the 2020 election will prove it."

"On Thursday after watching the acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, testify before the Democrat-controlled House Intelligence Committee on the process and handling of an unsubstantiated whistleblower complaint involving President Trump ... if he is impeached and we possibly then enter into a socialist form of government that the Democrats seem to prefer, it then becomes very, very concerning."

"Hats off to Antonio Brown for standing up to the NFL. So what if he is a spoiled brat? The world of professional athletes is full of spoiled brats. Some of them get off with light punishment and some of them don't. If you're going to have rules, it's like anything else. They should apply equally to everybody involved or you should go to the other extreme and don't punish anybody for anything. The NFL can't seem to figure this out."

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