Today's Forum for Sept. 2-3

"Thank you, thank you, to the person that got rid of the graffiti on the rocks on the westside overlook on the Pinhoti Trail/Communications Way!"

"Reversible express lanes on the Cleveland Highway and the North Bypass."

"If we dropped the freeport exemption to something less than 100% we could use that money to cut property taxes."

"Most of you have never read 'The Wealth of Nations' and it shows."

"You don’t know enough to write a letter to this newspaper, but then almost nobody writes to this paper around here. Hide behind anonymity in the Forum and call names is the hallmark of the least intelligent."

"A Forum caller criticized President Trump and went on to say you can label Obama's interactions with foreign leaders any you want but he was respected. Actually, it was not Obama who was respected, it was our checkbook."

"You ask and you shall receive. We finally got the water system caught up using SPLOST. Now let's catch our sewer system up with the 21st century. I would like to see countywide SPLOST used for countywide projects, not just projects for certain communities. And no, I do not have property in swamp land that I want to be able to build on. But we are behind on some things."

"Seems some of you Republicans have forgotten what you and your party did immediately after the Nov. 4, 2008, election. They had not even finalized the election results and Moscow Mitch made it clear that no matter what President-elect Obama tried to do it would not pass in the Senate. He even went so far as to threaten any of his party members of the Senate with removing them from committees if they voted for anything that Obama wanted to do. But I guess in your mind that was perfectly OK. Moscow Mitch is what brought this on and he continues to show why he needs gone."

"SPLOST proposal: Use a section of an existing park to accommodate older people or adults with other limitations. Position top of slides on top of a hill with safe, slow down. Swings sturdy enough to swing high (maybe a couple with chairs for adults). See-saw with bumpers that doesn't allow it to go to the ground. Movement and flexibility is the key to longevity, and having fun is the best way to get folks outside."

"To those who don't believe Trump lies, please send me your number, because I have some beautiful lakefront property in the Sahara desert for sale. I also have some in the Okefenokee swamp for sale."

"Dalton High running up the score so high (73-7) on Northwest was totally uncalled for."

"When you live in an interstate town, you need a SPLOST. Unless you hate free money."

"Antifa and stand your ground? You can’t travel with intent to harm defenseless people with all sorts of weapons and covering your face to avoid prosecution."

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