Today's Forum for April 7

"I completely disagree with the person that said if the government can mail me a tax bill without needing to see my ID, I should be able to mail them a ballot without needing to show one. Your tax bill only affects you, voting affects all. You can’t write a check without ID so why wouldn’t something that affects all Americans be held to the same standard?"

"Congress needs to pass a law dissolving all the governing bodies of pro sports and create a Cabinet-level position called the Department of Athletics. Then they can find out what government control was really all about."

"I just wanted to call and let you know that they can cancel Major League Baseball for all I care. That's my opinion, and I stick with it."

"Last year I quit watching pro basketball and pro football. Now, I've added pro baseball to my list. I will not be watching it anymore. I have started reading more, going to the library and come to find out I enjoy it better."

"Well, the Coca-Cola Co. waded into woke politics, so I've waded into Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Cokes now. Our family buys about a case a week, so from now on it will be Diet Pepsi."

"Have the CEOs of Delta and Coca-Cola actually read the new Georgia voting laws?"

"I would love the opportunity to rebut Marisa Kelley's editorial in Saturday’s paper point by point using the actual words in the voting law, but it can’t be done in 400 words."

"Let’s be honest, folks: Neither side is exactly right about the new voting law. It’s ridiculous to say it is Jim Crow revisited, but it is equally ridiculous to say there is nothing in it that should cause concern. The timing makes clear the intentions. That much is certain."

"Funny how the people who demand voter ID are the same people who are against vaccine passports and sensible gun laws."

"Recently we had a problem with flooding because of the last couple of rains. We do what we can to keep our yard clean and the drainage ditch and pipe clean. Unfortunately, when you live at the bottom of a hill, just about everything ends up down here and that makes it harder to deal with."

"Before Biden can become the worst president in history besides Obama he's going to have a lot of work to catch up to the disaster of the Trump administration. Oh, and to the person that said that, you may want to check your account for those reoccurring charges that your supreme leader just grifted from you."

"The SeeClickFix app which you utilize to contact the city of Dalton about issues relating to the Public Works Department and code enforcement is a great tool. I have used it several times and the city responds quickly and the issues get resolved."

"I miss Mayor Jimmy Young. He was a great mayor for Dalton and even a greater man. We could use his leadership and vision today."

"Thanks to the paper for having the Easter insert. It was really good. I challenge the non-Christians to read it."

"Whoever put in there that they don't miss Trump, speak for yourself because I truly do miss Trump."

"I just called Congress and tried to leave a number with Marjorie Taylor Greene and her mailbox is full. She don't care what her voters think and she doesn't want to hear from them."

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