Today's Forum for April 9

"In Kyle Wingfield's column on the new Georgia voting law, he neglected to address the most egregious provisions of the law which is the increased state power over counties. The Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who stood up to Trump's big lie, is now removed as chair of the state elections board. The Republican legislature now chooses the chair. Also, the new board, which will have a majority of legislature-appointed members, has the power to remove county elections officials and replace them with someone of their choosing. This person could usurp the powers of county election boards. Key issues in election management — including disqualifying ballots and voter eligibility — are made by county boards of elections. Such partisan powers have the potential for overturning results in Democratic Party strongholds like Fulton County."

"The president spreading lies about Georgia voting lies is not uniting the country."

"In response to a comment in the Wednesday Forum, I have noticed that those folks who are against voter ID are also against Second Amendment rights for individuals. What a coincidence."

"How hypocritical can you be? Folks have their undies in a wad over why Georgia changed its voting laws. For one thing, it gets rid of that subjective signature match. I don’t remember voters yelling 'Jim Crow' when Florida corrected its 'hanging chad' problem after the Bush-Gore election vote in 2000."

"Republicans like Mitch McConnell don’t genuinely believe that big corporations should have less power and influence in politics. They’re just upset to be on the wrong side of it for once."

"I agree 100% with previous mention of Mayor Jimmy Young. Our grand city should rename a road in his honor."

"I sure hope we didn't pay consultants or a PR company to come up with the 'free public parking' sign idea above the Landmark Building parking deck. What a missed opportunity to be creative. 'Welcome to Downtown Dalton' would have been more welcoming. Smaller, street-level signage indicating free parking would have been sufficient."

"Your editorial criticizing Dalton officials for changing the scope of SPLOST dollars dedicated to city recreation facilities is off base. Sticking to an original project scope is unwise when the situation changes and another option deserves consideration. A renovated rec center, rather than a new building, plus a new aquatics center is a better option for city and county. A no-brainer in my book."

"I wish the citizens that voted to have a new John David Rec Center would go and tour it and see the rain coming and the horrible situation there. I think they would want their vote to go into effect to correct it."

"Congratulations to Sarah Crawford. She sets a good example for young people and other people, and I'm glad she was recognized in the paper."

"It's evident that Forum readers take news at face value."

"Like others, I have emailed Rep. Carpenter at least twice and I have had no response whatsoever. This is unacceptable."

"We need a new mayor."

"The Democrats' latest scheme — trillions to infrastructure — is nothing but another pork-filled, Democratic Christmas gift."

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