Today's Forum for Aug. 1-2

"I'm a senior citizen and I remember a thing called envy when I was a teen/young adult. Envious of something that belonged to someone else was not a bad thing as it made me work harder to have things that meant a lot to me, successful career, nice home, savings, good marriage and friends. Now it seems that social justice/social injustice is what was considered envy. Instead of working for what you want the ideal is that it is owed to you, simply take it from someone who has earned it."

"If teachers did their jobs the way they are supposed to, they wouldn't have a chip on their shoulders and become so defensive. Some of them do a fine job, but it appears many of them want an extended vacation with pay."

"Congrats McDonough, Georgia, for removing the Confederate monument from their city square. It’s time, Dalton, to move the statue."

"To the Forum contributors questioning bringing new businesses to the county’s industrial park, let me share some information with you. In 2008 and 2009, everyone complained about the lack of diversity in local industry. In fact, in 2009, during the Great Recession, Whitfield County was among the highest unemployment rate of anywhere in the whole country. So, the county commissioners and the Joint Development Authority worked hard to bring in new, non-floorcovering industry; millions of dollars of investment; thousands of jobs for Whitfield County residents. And the tax abatements, on land owned by the county and on which no one had been paying taxes, do not last forever. In the future, the property taxes will be significant. You complain about not taking a long-term view. You are the ones who are shortsighted. Get on board and support local economic development!"

"Dalton Public Works does do a great job, but the person who thinks things were 'working perfectly' may not have seen the piles of junk, construction materials, carpet, etc., piled at curbs and left for days/weeks. Too many of our neighborhoods have been suffering from these eyesores for too long. People who are able to get new materials for a construction project in their home are equally capable of properly disposing of the old material."

"People not wearing masks here despite signs at doors to shopping/dining facilities. Maybe we need to post armed police and/or guards at the door. You want to do business with us? Simple. Mask up or leave!"

"We are not all equal in intelligence, work ethic, physical ability, morality, education, etc., etc. I know people of all races that are more than my equal in all those categories. Inequality is a fact of nature, of life. You can't legislate something into existence. You can't legislate something out of existence. But some politicians still sing the 'eliminate inequalities' song to the gullible."

"The number of wrecks on Walnut Avenue makes it clear that we need to consider traffic-calming strategies there, including narrowing the lanes and adding traffic circles."

"Is the white supremacist who started the problems in Minneapolis a very fine person, too?"

"If you think the Biden campaign is confused and anemic, you are deluding yourself."

"Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, Trump sidelined his pandemic team for a witch doctor."

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