Today's Forum for Aug. 13

"I just read where Brown Industries is closing after 60 years. I just wanted to comment that there could never be a nicer family than the Brown family. James Brown, who originally started the company, and his wife Sis, wonderful down-to-earth people, and their daughter Lynn, just one of the finest people you would ever want to know in the world. I wish them well and all of the employees well as they move forward."

"So you don't want your child to wear a mask at school. How do you feel about staying home with them for a 10-day quarantine if they are near someone who tests positive for COVID or for six months, or worse, if they get a bad case of COVID-19?"

"Commissioner Jones: If you would get vaccinated, I would happily coach you on how to calculate COVID vaccination risk vs. car accidents, drowning and lightning strikes. You know, the stuff we all lose sleep over daily."

"There are 435 members of the House of Representatives. Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of them. It is impossible for her to pass anything. As it is for any other single person in the House."

"Back in the 1970s, some people believed that men walking on the moon was fake but that professional wrestling was real. Today, some people believe COVID is fake but wild rumors about the pandemic are real. Sad then but deadly now."

"If you are worried about what Hunter Biden has done to destroy America, I think you have much bigger worries."

"I recently renewed my cars’ decals at the new Whitfield County Tax Commissioner’s Office. Wow. I used the drive-thru and it was quick and easy. A big thank you to Danny Sane and whoever else made this new location possible."

"Unless something changes soon Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may be responsible for the death of more children than the Taliban by the end of this year."

"Those 19 RINOs will pay for voting with those liberal Democrats to pass that wasted $1 trillion infrastructure bill which is nothing but pork barrel."

"I think there ought to be a law banning kids from driving cars to high school. I know that it would add a lot more school buses to the roads but it sure would take a lot of cars off it."

"This is to all of the people out there talking about Jan. 6 was the worst thing that ever happened in history. No, it isn't. It's not even close."

"Marjorie Taylor Greene gives Georgia another black eye. Makes us look really, really stupid."

"Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing a great job any time she upsets your liberal Democrats and your liberal buddies in the press."

"Why are people in the Forum still knocking Trump? He did more for you than the news media will ever let you know."

"Try reading a history book instead of listening to Democratic talking points."

"Why don't columnists like Dick Polman use their writing skills — and I'm using the term writing skills loosely — to impress upon the pharmacy companies to get on the ball and start developing some drugs to treat COVID instead of spinning our wheels pushing a vaccine that people don't want that isn't completely effective? Could it be that there is more money in being sick than in being well? It's sure starting to look that way."

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