Today's Forum for Aug. 14/15

"Commissioner Greg Jones should educate himself about the number of deaths caused by the vaccines and the number of deaths caused by the virus. I hope these are the both sides of the vaccines that he’s talking about."

"I guess Commissioner Greg Jones is going to stop driving his car because there have been some deaths due to car accidents."

"Thank you for the local coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic in Friday’s paper. The status of the pandemic remains one of our most pressing issues, and I hope that the Daily Citizen-News will provide us updates on this topic in every issue for the near future."

"When COVID has left the Earth's atmosphere and Trump has become ancient history, I wonder what the liberal columnists like Dick Polman are going to find to write about. Oh dear me, I'm sure they can think of something negative."

"In response to this comment in your Forum, 'Please explain to me how you can be pro-life and an anti-vaxxer and anti-mask.' What happened to the liberal view of 'it's my body and I should get to choose'?"

"Many thanks to all of you out here spreading germs who won't take the COVID vaccine. You've set medical science back 100 years."

"People, what is the problem with y'all that you're not taking this vaccine? I don't understand it. I mean, there may be a few side effects but you may not see anything. Isn't it better than the alternative if you don't get the vaccine and you get the virus? I don't understand. It's no big deal as far as going in and getting it done. You can go in any place — drug stores, health departments — no appointments and get it done for free and move on. The virus has come back worse this time because of one reason: People cannot seem to get in there and get their shots. Please, people, get your vaccine."

"The school boards and the politicians need to do what they did during the polio epidemic — get the heck out of the way and let the doctors do their thing. As a result of that, the polio epidemic lasted about 10 years. This one is probably going to last 10 centuries the way they're carrying on about it."

"To heck with these mask mandates, you people need to get your dang shots."

"You liberals can whine about Marjorie Taylor Greene all you want, but she's going to be reelected next year and there's nothing you can do about it."

"I’ve got several college degrees in history and political science and what Republicans say is almost 100% spin. Republicans can’t spin Jan. 6 away. We all know Republican misinformation about history led to it."

"The riot at the Capitol building happened. It happened. Now if you want to put things in place to keep it from happening again is great, but to continue to beat a dead horse and Republicans blame Democrats and Democrats blame Republicans is helping nobody. Drop the mess. Don't beat a dead horse anymore, he's not getting up."

"It's kind of ironic. I don't think I ever used my automobile's horn until cellphones came out."

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