Today's Forum for Aug. 18

"I could not believe that on Sunday morning President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken had the audacity to blame former President Trump for the current fiasco that is unraveling in Afghanistan. True, President Trump stated we would be withdrawing from Afghanistan but Biden has dropped, changed or deleted almost every political decision Trump made, so we are supposed to believe Biden could do nothing here? I’m a Democrat and a Vietnam-era veteran, and I have lost three friends in Afghanistan and I personally know two other wounded veterans. This is Saigon being repeated. What a disgrace."

"You can recall commissioners, mayors and governors. I think it is time to recall this president."

"Joe Biden: Jimmy Carter all over again."

"Twenty years of sending troops to Afghanistan down the drain in a little over a week. This man is beyond incompetent. The word is pathetic."

"Republicans are more concerned about what's happening in Afghanistan than the attempted overthrow of our government on Jan. 6 here."

"Democrats can do no wrong because they can always find someone to blame."

"So you think Marjorie Taylor Greene can't be beat. Did you think Donald Trump could be beat in 2020?"

"The government doesn't have the right to make me wear a mask to protect myself and others from COVID-19. If medical people think it is important to get a vaccination, but politicians don't, then I won't get one. Nobody has the right to tell me what to do ... to make me wear a seat belt ... to tell me how fast to drive ... to stop at red lights ... to get a driver's license. I go to the front of the line and I don't cover my mouth when I sneeze. Who cares about the welfare of myself and others? Not me."

"What the Dalton Public Schools superintendent and school board fail to realize is that they are part of a community. Yes, the COVID risk to children is very small, but their policies allow COVID to proliferate in schools, which results in children spreading it to adults who continue to tax the local health system, significantly increasing the likelihood of a person who needs care for another urgent medical issue (heart, stroke, etc.) not being able to get that care. It is a dangerously narrow-minded policy that they have adopted and defend in a bullying manner."

"Greg Jones and the other commissioners can't set a precedent with your mask wearing. You have to do that yourself."

"Instead of waiting on more columns from Polman, Micek and Manieri and letters from David Bean, go buy you some comic books."

"I wonder if someone can tell me why your major grocery stores that sell beer don't have hours posted that you can buy it. That's puzzling to me."

"What America needs is Donald Trump as president and Donald Trump Jr. as vice president. Wouldn't that be a winning combination?"

"There's no denying that a lot of politicians' careers are going to be over sooner than they had planned because of the COVID crisis. And that's a good thing, in a lot of cases."

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