Today's Forum for Aug. 18

"Super article about a very special person in Saturday's paper. Congratulations to Dee Goodwin for being not only a mentor to the students, but also a compassionate and caring educator."

"Your president, your governor and your mayor have ignored science and refused to take the steps necessary to curb COVID-19. As for the prospects of returning to our normal routines anytime soon, we could not live in a worse country, state or town."

"Why do you wear a welding helmet?"

"The Johnston statue downtown is a constant reminder to black people that the residents of this town supported a system that made them property, and then second class citizens. Taking it down sends the message that we've changed and grown as a city and regret some of our past."

"The postal service isn't supposed to make money. That's why it's called a service. That it does make a lot of money in normal times is a nice bonus."

"Can someone help me understand why my taxes are given to the military? Let them sink or swim on their own, not on my dollar. Insanity!"

"Whitfield and Dalton should implement mask requirements immediately."

"Georgia’s governor’s mansion is closed to tours due to COVID-19. Go figure."

"Finally! After months of opposing local mask mandates, Gov. Kemp signed an executive order on Saturday that allows Georgia cities and counties to impose face covering requirements. OK, Mayor Pennington, it is time for you to step up to the plate and issue a mandate for Dalton. We are in dire straits here, and everyone wearing a mask can do much to slow down the spread. Along with social distancing, this is the only defense we have, and it is high time we acknowledge this. We know now that just expecting people to 'do the right thing' has not worked. And that is why we probably won’t have in-person school for long and no football. Careless is to blame."

"I sleep a lot better at night knowing that we will now have a representative in Washington who will be monitoring all of the pedophile rings in the basements of pizza parlors there."

"PSM: Postal Service Matters. The postal service is an integral part of America. Any hindrance to it should be considered treason."

"Seems counterproductive to separate the tax commissioner's and the tax assessors' offices."

"Since I don’t watch Fox News, I wonder how they are justifying the dismantling of the post office to corrupt the upcoming election."

"Now that Gov. Kemp has given his OK, what is Mayor Pennington’s excuse for not mandating the wearing of masks in the most COVID-19-infected community in North Georgia?"

"You people who voted for Brian Kemp and Marjorie Greene should be very proud now that they are featured on the national news almost every day."

"Yes, Dems flip-flop. But I would think that the party of Trump, whose leader tells monumental lies one day and then he denies them the next, would want to keep flip-flopping off the table."

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