Today's Forum for Aug. 19

"Join the GreenHouse Child Advocacy and Sexual Assault Center Wednesday at noon on Facebook live for a Q&A about human sex trafficking. Prevention begins with education right here at home."

"Why do you wear blaze orange when you go deer hunting?"

"I can think of nothing more important right now than the presidential election. Let the post office put everything aside and take care of ballots first. Who would not want a fair election? Oh, wait! Republicans."

"One day, COVID-19 will be known as the American virus. Why? Because the rest of the world will have gotten it under control, while we act like crybabies because we have to wear masks, while we have young people having corona pool parties, and while we have a president who continues to put out false information so that he will look good in the polls. The world looks at us and shakes its head. That is, when it's not laughing at us."

"Trump’s supporters calling Biden cognitively challenged is hilarious."

"Right at this moment, there are no more terrible human beings than those downplaying the risks of COVID-19."

"'I don't know why anyone would be offended by a statue of a man who fought to preserve slavery' is one of those sentences that tells the world more about you than you might be comfortable with."

"Save the post office, vote Biden."

"We now have a drive-in for the tax office! What about a red light for that intersection? How about the drive-in at the USPO, it's more than one line. How much more traffic do we want on the bypass? There is online payment."

"The difference between taxes for military versus universities is the military doesn't charge for you to serve. Whereas universities get payments from students for, for the most part, useless degrees, charging the taxpayer for any financial shortcomings. Insanity!"

"With some of the Forum comments, it’s obvious that Dalton is the least educated area in the country."

"The problem Trump and DeJoy are having is that there’s no way to sabotage the post office to impact absentee voting that doesn’t also damage normal mail flow. So a lot of people who didn’t care about the election are now furious because they’re not getting their packages on time."

"How many people mailed their absentee ballot but never received their runoff ballot? It’s most likely your absentee ballot was never counted!"

"Data-driven solutions for the problems we all want to see addressed — education, endless wars, national debt, healthcare and immigration — are what Kevin Van Ausdal is offering. See it for yourself. For those of us who do vote for the candidate and not the party, he's our choice."

"The Postal Service is a dated, archaic institution. It was necessary at one time when we were mostly an agrarian nation. We now have many other options besides a mail service. Magazine subscribers could have a central station to pick them up."

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