Today's Forum for Aug. 21

"The tax commissioner's office moving out of the courthouse is the best news all year. No wait. Best news of the decade!!"

"Many thanks to the Tile Source folks at Rocky Face! The cleanup and reorganizing you have done looks amazing and your customers have a place to park. Great job!"

"I would recommend that not only Georgia, but all states, implement a plan to start getting absentee and other mail-in ballots added to the system and ready for tally on Nov. 3 by starting to enter them in the system when they come in. I am sure our secretary of state does not want to do this as it won't give Republicans anything to complain about come Election Day."

"To all the liberals out there hating President Trump. I may not like everything he does and says but it scares me to death when I think about living in a country run by Pelosi and her 'Squad!'"

"I wear my mask wherever it's required but that's only to avoid a confrontation with these masked people. So I have a question for these masked people: This virus isn't ever going to go completely away so are you prepared to wear your mask for the rest of your life? Because I tell you I'm not."

"Even if Mr. Biden does get elected and the Democrats do win, I pray to the good Lord that they don't shut the economy down."

"The Dems have to sling lies at the Trump campaign. That's their only platform. It takes a lot of talent to come up with that many lies."

"I have five crape myrtle trees that have gotten too tall that need to be pruned back when it's safe to do so without killing them. Is there anyone that knows when that can be done and who does work like that and will haul off the excess that's going to be cut away from the trees?"

"In the post office it should be no mask, no service."

"The Russian collusion is a lie told often enough that it becomes truth."

"How many of you remember when there was a fried chicken restaurant where the Krystal is downtown now? They had the best fried chicken and potato salad. I wish we still had that."

"If the Democrats stop lying they might have a chance at beating Donald Trump."

"I beg to differ with the person that thinks the post office is outdated. That's the only way that I can ship packages, mail a letter, mail thank you cards. I'm not on the internet and I'm not on Facebook. So the post office is very important to me so speak for yourself when you say it's very outdated."

"On Wednesday the statement was made that the Postal Service is a dated, archaic institution. Obviously, this person has never been having a bad day, gone to the mailbox and received a card or a note, something unexpected to brighten your day. It's not all about getting your bills over the mail. It's about the surprises that you sometimes receive and the caring in an envelope."

"Boycott Goodyear. They have no right to do what they did to their 60,000 employees."

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