Today's Forum for Aug. 22-23

"Amen brother/sister. I did walk at the Tunnel Hill Heritage Center but pet owners won't put their pets on a leash. I wouldn't take my 90-pound dog out in public without a leash. Heck, it's hard enough to keep him in the buggy at Walmart."

"The Democrats have spent three nights telling us how much they hate Trump. Not one thing have they said they're going to do to help us. That's their platform: We hate Trump."

"Is it going to be uncouth to wear white COVID-19 face masks after Labor Day?"

"Shorter John Stossel: 'Looks like Democrats are going to win, time for Republicans to start pretending they care about the debt again!'"

"The only people I've known to complain about useless degrees are those that have never set foot in a college, apart from possibly a football game."

"Hopefully our education professionals have already thought of this, but it seems logical that the first two weeks of school, hopefully online but could be in-person, would consist of COVID-19 training. Why to wear masks and eye protection, how to properly wear masks and eye protection, how to research the news for truth, how to distinguish old wives tales and fables from the truth, how to cope with those who refuse to face and believe the truth, how to move about the school safely, when breaks are, when and how to eat lunch, how to tell if an asymptomatic person is infected (you can't without a test), how to avoid getting and spreading the virus, the difference between virus and germs, how a vaccine is developed and tested, how to recognize infection and how to keep your family and friends safe from infection. A test must be passed to come to or continue in-person education."

"It has been so nice this week to hear leadership, compassion, intelligence and paths forward to think about others, each other, and this society's future. Since it hasn't happened in almost four years now, it almost sounds like a foreign language.

"The problem with trying to stage a boycott of a tire company is that people only buy new tires every five years or so. By the time they need a new set they'll have forgotten."

"It takes a special kind of mind to read the Mueller report, and the Senate report, and come away with the conclusion that the Trump campaign is innocent. They did everything but get matching Putin tattoos!"

"Post office is slow and inefficient. It needs to be privatized, perhaps maybe by Amazon or a similar corporation. In our area of Dalton, we usually don't get our mail until after 5 o'clock. Ridiculous!"

"My hat goes off to the person who still writes letters and thank you cards by hand. I did not realize that was still a common practice, but it still smacks of 20th century communication."

"Daniel Mayes wrote a good story about football. It's been over 50 years since I played but what he writes is true. However, not playing for one year does not need to be a lost year. Strength, conditioning, speed, agility drills can be COVID-proofed and go a long way toward building a superior team for next season. Beyond that, seeing a positive example of a coaching staff that is flexible, positive and able to pivot are good life examples to learn from. Learning about mental health and toughness and tenderness for those who need help and recognizing when and how to best help is a huge, huge skill to take into life after secondary school as is service to others. Extra academic help can offer more choices next year as well. There are a lot of things for young men to learn to make them better young men. They say it takes a long time to turn a battleship. Maybe that is why the U.S. Navy does not use them anymore. Have you see how quickly an aircraft carrier can turn?"

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