Today's Forum for Aug. 24

"When is a mandate not a mandate? When you allow anyone, for any reason, to opt out. When is a test not a test? When you ask a question and accept the answer with no way to verify the answer. How are these conditions protecting our pre-k through seventh-grade students? It does not."

"Are you serious? Are you really serious that people are blaming Trump for this fiasco that's going on in Afghanistan? He may have mentioned the fact that they were going to be pulling out but it didn't happen. No, Biden did this and it's on Biden's back. He's the one that needs to take the blame for it and quit passing the buck. If he's not able to stand up and take responsibility he doesn't need to be president."

"So take the government out of masks and vaccinations. Wear a mask to protect yourself, your family and any other person that might ever be around you. And as far as the vaccinations are concerned, you won't get one unless politicians do? That doesn't even make sense. You're going to trust politicians over doctors, nurses and other health officials who are saying the vaccination works? Just do the vaccination and wear a mask. It's easy as all get out."

"Is anyone out there besides me sick of hearing J.J. Walker and Joe Namath on TV? They are so pitiful."

"I wish these old commercials about insurance and Social Security would stop using these washed-up actors like J.J. Walker and sportscaster Chris Berman."

"Joe Biden with his failure in Afghanistan has disgraced every veteran in America."

"There's one thing you have to admit, old Donald Trump had everything in good shape. Secure borders, a good economy, low gas prices and everything. Now look at everything. No thank you, Mr. Biden. You need to be impeached."

"If you refuse to be vaccinated, refuse to wear a mask, refuse to have your children wear one, refuse to social distance, refuse to leave anyone else alone for doing any of this — what are you doing to help yourself, your family or anyone else?"

"'Triggered' and 'safe spaces' have taken on a whole new meaning for countless thousands of Americans and friends in Afghanistan."

"President Biden showed leadership by pulling our troops out of a never-ending, no-win situation. We trained and fought their battles for 20 years or so, way too long. By now they should or should've been able to fight their own battles and defend themselves. The U.S. can't continue to fight everyone's battles, especially if they don't help and defend themselves. Although he should've got the Americans home first before pulling troops out."

"Both President Obama and President Trump wanted our troops to pull out of Afghanistan but to do it correctly. Get Americans out first, equipment second and troops last. President Biden did it exactly opposite and look what happened."

"Congrats to the Colts football program. I don’t know how you all have attracted so many coaches with college playing experience, college coaching experience and high school state championship winning pedigrees but somehow you did. I’m happy for that program. I’ve been blessed to get to know a lot of the coaches in this area and a lot of the high school-aged youth. All in all, I have been very impressed by the coaching staffs at all of our local high schools, and regardless of the high school they attend, the youth in this area don’t get enough credit for being just an all-around good group of kids. Thanks to them for giving me hope for our future."

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