Today's Forum for Aug. 25

"My sincere thanks to the lady who paid for my supper Monday evening at the Oakwood. That was most kind. May God continue to bless you and yours as this kindness is passed along."

"Amen to leaving the dogs home! I can’t imagine why every time some people leave their house they think the dogs have to go, too. I love animals but not in the stores!"

"Happy Pfizer Day!"

"Refusing to be vaccinated isn't an expression of free choice; it's an avoidance of basic common sense and community responsibility. As stated in Proverbs, 'Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.'"

"A mask mandate is not a mandate if you allow an opt-out! I suggest the school boards require the 'opt-outs' to receive virtual school and let those students attempting to follow health safety rules attend in-person school."

"The way parents should be able to 'opt out' of having their child wear a mask is by keeping them home to teach them themselves! How can you keep this virus from spreading if kids are allowed to run around with no masks spreading their germs while others are trying to do the right thing by wearing a mask? Maybe if everyone would help we could get rid of this problem sooner. Be a part of the solution, not the problem."

"That upcoming algebra test my son is having is causing him extreme emotional distress. Can I opt him out of the test with no negative ramifications? What about the mental health of my child?"

"Can my kid opt out of the dress code, too?"

"If Biden had been the captain of the Titanic he would have assured all of the passengers that everything was OK, then he and the ship's officers and crew would have slipped off the ship in the middle of the night with all of the lifeboats. What happened to women and children first, or soldiers protecting civilians?"

"Withdrawal from Afghanistan was not an error, the way it was done was an error."

"Joe Biden does not need to be impeached. He needs to be court-martialed."

"How can pulling out of a no-winning war in Afghanistan and saving all these lives compare to what the big embarrassment of the world and nation that happened on Jan. 6, 2021? No comparison."

"I have one thing to say. If you think Trump took responsibility for anything, you are not living in this world."

"Forget about Biden for a bit. Trump was a disgrace to this nation, and worldwide, I might add. Think about that."

"A big shoutout to the Coahulla Creek football team and the Coahulla Creek coaching staff. They have proven what I have said all along: You get what you pay for in quality coaches. Great job last Friday night, fellows. Keep up the good work!"

"Has everybody noticed how the soft drink vendors lately have been hogging the aisles in the grocery stores? You can barely get by in a wheelchair, and sometimes there are two or three in an aisle at the same time. Looks like they could do this on the third shift when the stores don't have customers."

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