Today's Forum for Aug. 26

"All I can think to say about Monday night’s meeting of the Whitfield Board of Commissioners is shameful! With the exception of Chairman Lynn Laughter, the commissioners present wore no masks despite the fact that a sign on the door stated that masks were required. And outside protesters were opposing a mask mandate. The sole voice of reason was Dr. Zachary Taylor who reported that studies prove that masks reduce the spread of the virus. Audience members rudely questioned his science and had to be quieted. Commissioner Roger Crossen said he would not take away any freedoms. Along with freedom in a democratic society comes responsibility to do what is needed to protect your fellow man. When a dear friend or family member languishes on a ventilator and may not survive, let’s see how these naysayers feel about their refusal to wear a piece of cloth on their faces."

"A comment in the Forum blamed Trump’s policies for spreading the coronavirus. Blame also rests with our commission's ignorance towards using masks. Glad to see someone (Lynn Laughter) is aware of the science which cannot be refuted by the 'mask deniers.' How easy it would be to simply require masks inside all businesses where chances of spread of the virus are highest? Guess attitudes like these are why Georgia currently leads the U.S. in rate of COVID-19 infections. Shame on the commission members not willing to look at scientific evidence but rather only politics."

"Thank you Lynn Laughter and Dr. Taylor for speaking truth to ignorance."

"Look up the definition of ‘Ignorance is bliss.' You might find the names of Crossen, Jones, Robbins and Brooker for not being in favor of a mask mandate. It’s been proven in other cities and states that masks work. Numbers dropped tremendously in areas where mask mandates have been issued."

"It is sad enough that we have a so-called president that thinks he knows more than the doctors and scientists. But now we have our local leaders acting like they are smarter than the scientists. Really bad leadership."

"Our local politicians are basing their decisions on whether or not to mandate masks on the alternative facts they consume on the country’s favorite make-believe news channel."

"Whitfield County Schools will 'strongly encourage' but not require masks when school begins. What is their explanation for not requiring masks which are proven to help minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission? Many people are contagious even if they are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic. Viral transmission via air currents/aerosols is now considered the primary infection mechanism vs. contaminated surfaces."

"Yes, the Postal Service is mandated by the Constitution. That's another thing. The Constitution needs to be abolished. It is outdated. We are still living by rules written in 1787? Even more ridiculous!"

"The media must hold briefings so they can come out with the same talking points almost every day. None of them have a thought of their own."

"I love the new text feature for the county roads and parks department. Our neighbor had silt in the ditch which blocked rainfall from moving down the street. The county came and dug it out the next week! I had been trying for years to get this done!"

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