Today's Forum for Aug. 28/29

"If you walk around the halls of local schools, it's pretty clear by the number of voluntary mask-wearers that there are more parents who support mask mandates (or don't mind them) than those who whine about them. If only the former would make their voices heard to school board members and administrators as loudly as the 'snowflakes' (to borrow the unfortunately popular term)."

"Let me be clear, Lester Holt is so much more pleasant to listen to than David Muir!"

"I am a senior citizen. I get between 25 and 30 calls from telemarketers every day. Same ones calling every day. I hang up on them. I wonder if there was any more senior citizens out there that was fed up with them. I wish they would just shut their mouths."

"Employers, please follow Delta Airlines' policy. Increase the health insurance premiums for the COVID unvaccinated, do not pay the COVID unvaccinated for time lost to COVID sickness. The COVID unvaccinated should have some skin in the game."

"I agree that we need to do something to police our border, our southern border as it was put. But we've got thousands of people in this country who will not take the vaccine. They're not helping this country at all, or their fellow citizens, or their family or their friends. We've got a lot to do here, too."

"I’m sure the governor of South Dakota thinks she has ended the discussion about the gathering of the many maskless unvaccinated bikers in Sturgis by saying that life is fraught with risks but she is forgetting one thing: the spread of COVID to the innocents who are not so cavalier about their health and their lives. That would be breadwinners, parents, caretakers, the immunocompromised, children, etc. Shame on her."

"Would it be inhumane for hospitals to refuse treatment for those who refuse to be vaccinated and refuse to wear a mask? After all, everyone has rights to choose!"

"If Trump would have been in office this mess wouldn't have happened. He was respected. The people knew he would do what he said and he listened to them. Biden, they don't care one thing about what he says. Trump put America first. Biden has put America last."

"According to Department of Defense numbers, about 2,300 American lives were lost in the Afghan war after 9/11. At the same time, approximately 66,000 Afghan soldiers were killed. It is dishonest to say that the Afghans were not fighting for their independence from the Taliban and ISIS."

"The chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which led to the collapse of a government with which we had fought for two decades, has produced a humanitarian and geostrategic catastrophe. While the immediate crisis should be our central focus at this time, our self-inflicted defeat will certainly have many long-term consequences that risk diminishing America's influence in the world."

"As a veteran and a Democrat I am embarrassed by the debacle which has unfolded in Afghanistan. There will be plenty of time to point fingers but Biden has failed our country. Several Marine families will be receiving their loved ones in the next few days and this is a tragedy that could have been minimized or eliminated with better planning."

"Anybody in Forum Land having vote remorse?"

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