Today's Forum for Aug. 28

"Kemp doesn't deserve kudos for restoring mask mandate control to cities and counties because he didn't actually do that. Any business can opt out. Any person can claim a religious objection or health problem which will likely be the go-to excuse for the anti-maskers among us."

"If Joe Biden is elected president, I can already imagine him traveling abroad to meet foreign dignitaries as decrepit as he acts. The queen of England shows more energy than he does."

"Wearing a seat belt or motorcycle helmet protects you, while wearing a mask protects you and everyone else. Since it’s not that difficult to comprehend, not wearing one indicates that you really don’t care about anyone but yourself."

"Personally, I find it much more comfortable to wear a mask than to stick my head in the sand."

"Thinking that you can just do nothing and COVID-19 will magically go away is like thinking that buying lottery tickets is a good way to finance your retirement."

"Thank you, Nikki Haley. Now I know. There is no racism in America. I’m surprised your brain didn’t have a meltdown getting those words to leave your mouth."

"I was saddened and disappointed by Tuesday’s Forum. The editors chose to allow a contributor to present personal opinion as fact without comment. The statement '... our president is slowing down the Postal Service for what he thinks is his political gain.' Congressional hearings into the matter do not back up that opinion."

"Are there any churches out there that practice social distancing and wear masks? I would like to find one to attend. I found some that provide masks and hand sanitizer, but they don’t distance and most don’t wear masks."

"And the rules of 1787 are apparently a lot smarter than the people of today. That is why they are here and will remain here. It is just too bad we have a Senate that is ignoring the Constitution."

"If Whitfield County had passed a mask mandate, how many businesses would opt out? How many citizens would refuse to comply? Would the sheriff’s office even try to enforce it? If and when there’s a vaccine, will enough people take it to make a difference? I think unfortunately this country has so many selfish and shortsighted people that we’ll never get rid of this plague."

"If you refuse to wear a mask, does that mean you will refuse to wear a ventilator?"

"If these professional athletes want to cancel their seasons and protest what they see as injustice, let them do it. I have discovered that my life will go on without sports anyway. Maybe it's time they got real jobs instead of making millions of dollars for playing a game. If they want to make a real difference, contribute some of that money to the people they are supposedly so concerned about."

"Most Democrats are for freedom of speech, as long as you agree with them."

"Who is responsible for maintaining passage of the sidewalk on the west side of Thornton Avenue, the city or property owner?"

"I know this won't convince Trump supporters, but fact check the third night comments of the convention. Use other sources besides Fox and conservative news stations. The GOP used to be better than this. Bring back the integrity."

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