Today's Forum for Aug. 29-30

"I can parachute out of a plane, climb a rock cliff, bungee jump from unbelievable heights, ride a motorcycle, smoke, drink and eat as much as I want. That being said, if there’s no tax money to be made off a mask mandate, there’s no interest in starting one."

"To all the food service workers: those gloves you are wearing are not to protect your hands — they are to protect my food. If you are taking out the trash, sweeping the floor, taking money, talking on your cellphone, etc., and then go to prepare food, you need to change gloves."

"The city is responsible for sidewalks and their upkeep."

"Just what is it that you want to change in our Constitution? I’d like to know."

"I do wish the local TV stations would quit pushing the Democrats' agenda using the COVID-19 virus to fearmonger. I'm sick of hearing it. That's all you hear on the local news channels."

"I was wondering if the guy calling in complaining about his taxes going to the military ever served in the military."

"Because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them a racist. That word seems to have become a catch-all term. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether you agree or not."

"Small stores need to keep parking lots clean."

"All this stuff about the statue downtown, only old people like me knew who he was until they started printing all this stuff. It was just a pretty statue to most people."

"I think they ought to take that Johnston statue down, too, then put up a great, big snowflake for all of these people that can't handle the history."

"I'd like to leave a message for the school boards. I'm 70 years old with underlying health problems. My grandchild lives with me. She's being forced to go back to school. If she comes home and I get sick, you all will be paying for whatever happens to me and the cost of whatever happens to me. I'm sorry, but I'm extremely nervous about this. Kids need to be in school, I agree with that, but this is just too dangerous now. There has to be a better way because other places have found better ways. I'm not the only grandmother who is in my situation either. I think you all need to think about this."

"I would like to know how to get a mail-in ballot for the presidential election."

Editor's note: Detailed steps on voting by absentee ballot can be found at You can also call the Secretary of State's Office at (844) 753-7825. The basic steps are making sure you are registered to vote, then filling out and submitting an absentee ballot application.

"Lest ye forget, this is Trump's presidency: protesting for justice, white supremacy rioting, 180,000 unnecessary deaths from COVID and millions of U.S. citizens unemployed. The question is are you better off now than four years ago?"

"How many times do we hear the terms 'inclusive,' 'diverse' and 'loving who you love' from the Democratic Party? If they want such an inclusive society, you have to include those who think God and his word have some importance in a just society. Our founders certainly did, and God's word may have something to say about who you love."

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