Today's Forum for Aug. 31

"Disaster victims need your cash donations more than anything. They have nowhere to put goods. They have nowhere to put you when you show up without an assignment. Please help them in the way they need. It's far easier, too."

"In reference to the current resident in the White House, some of us prefer to say 'not my president.' Times under Trump were not ideal, but definitely rosy compared to this guy."

''Go, Trump, go! Go directly to jail. Bypass the White House, go directly to jail."

"No, I don't have any remorse because I voted for Trump. The only remorse I've got is that he wasn't elected. Now that y'all have voted in Biden, you see what you've done. It was a mistake to vote him in. You believed everything he said, everything he told you y'all believed and you see all it was was a bunch of lies."

"I will tolerate any mistake that Biden makes as long as he doesn’t try to overthrow the government and have elected officials assassinated."

"Voter’s remorse? No. Because we had two terrible choices. And I think things would be even worse if Trump were still in charge. Many of the dominoes falling now are just part of a chain reaction that began with Trump. Just because Biden stinks too doesn’t mean Trump was ever a viable alternative."

"I’m in Forum Land. I do not regret my vote for Biden. But I do regret that the writing in of my 3-year-old daughter wasn’t enough to beat Marjorie Taylor Greene."

"To be an American is to protect your family, community and country. Get the vaccine."

"New 'rite of passage' — my grandson turns 12 today. Getting his COVID vaccine this afternoon!"

"If parents of our public school system wish to risk their children's lives or COVID-related, long-term mental and physical illness, they should have the option to opt out and keep their children home!"

"All you mask opt-out moms who know 'what's best' for your child and everyone else's: Hope you can share your expertise with the doctor who has to care for your child or your parents when they are hospitalized with this deadly virus!"

"I think that the anti-maskers and anit-vaxxers should carry their principles to the next logical step and refuse hospitalization and treatment. It would be consistent with their thinking."

"The senior citizen asking about robocalls, I'm a senior citizen and I got so many one day I couldn't lay my phone down and get up and walk away from it before I had another one. I don't know how many I got that day, more than 30."

"I'm a senior citizen also and I don't get 25 or 30 calls from telemarketers every day. I may get one or two calls from telemarketers every day. I'm feeling kind of left out."

"Our world today is based on a series of lies, cultural, political and religious. They all go back to the original lie, which is to replace a God-centered theology with a man-centered theology."

"I'm so sick of people like Michael Reagan, who to my knowledge never served in a war, running his mouth about Joe Biden. I'm old and I remember very well some of the blunders that Ronald Reagan made and I loved Ronald Reagan the man. No president is perfect. They do what they think is the best at the time. I admire Joe Biden for getting us out of Afghanistan."

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