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“So, due to the huge boost in property value assessments, the Dalton school board is ‘tentatively’ planning a millage rate rollback that will result in an average 8% tax increase for property owners. Well, wow, with a very small ‘w.’ They have received $27 million from the feds, several million more than expected from ESPLOST and the most ever from the state due to equalization funding because our property wealth per student has fallen vs. other school systems. Shame on them.”

“It’s rich to see Michael Reagan blame Obama when it was his father that did away with the fairness doctrine in media, drove the country into the ground with deficit spending and massive failures of both municipal and legislative government, not to mention being asleep at the wheel for the last half of his second term. Stop with the nonsense, we all know what happened.”

“We have climate change four times a year. Spring, summer, fall and winter.”

“Why does a county of 100,000 not have an emergency vet? Seven years ago I lost a cat because of that and I am in the process right now of losing a 3-year-old male cat to irreversible kidney failure which might could have been avoided if I had a way to take him to Chattanooga. This is beyond outrageous. It’s absurd. I hope one of the vets in Dalton reads this in the paper.”

“Food City, thanks for everything you do. Many thanks.”

“Regardless of how you choose to refer to the Jan. 6 fiasco, for liberal Democrats it’s the last leg that they’ve got to stand on and for the average American it’s a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money.”

“I have to laugh at the article about MLB wants to know where all the fans are. Maybe if the owners got out of their box seats and went down to the concession stand and tried to buy a hot dog and a beer and paid $20, maybe they’d know.”

“Trump has no background in many things and one mainly in being president. So what about Pete Buttigieg? What’s that about? He’s smarter than Trump and he can do many things. I think he’s just fine.”

“Fifty years ago, my property between Tunnel Hill and Rocky Face had lots of rifle pits showing. Of course they’re all gone now.”

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