Today's Forum for Aug. 7

"Police in Aurora, Colorado, pulled over a Black family and made them lie on the ground while they confirmed that the SUV they were driving was not the same as a vehicle which had recently been reported stolen. That vehicle was a motorcycle, not an SUV."

"My heart goes out to people with breathing and respiratory issues who have difficulty wearing masks. There could be a mandate that they have a medical statement regarding this issue. There would be less controversy. As of now, anyone can claim to have breathing issues and bypass wearing a mask."

"Why would anyone think a negative COVID-19 test 14 days prior to camp starting means the child or counselor is COVID-free when they arrive at camp?"

"Restaurants and fast food, please do not rush your biscuits out of the oven. One of the worst things is biting into a doughy biscuit still wet in the center. A honey golden top is a sign the biscuit is done."

"I know you won't print this, but Kyle Wingfield's hate teacher article on Tuesday was the lowest of the low."

"Just a note to the Forum contributor taking the long view. Equipment depreciation will not reduce property taxes. It may reduce income taxes, but not property or personal property taxes."

"What in the world was Paulding County thinking? Sending your kids back to school with no safety guidelines? That’s one county I don’t want to step foot in!"

"So, was Gov. Brian Kemp's trust in Georgians to do the right thing about COVID-19 the best thing for Georgia? Is he a statesman or simply a politician? Is he on the right side of history?"

"I have to laugh and agree with Trump's comment about the mail-in ballots not being received on a timely basis. We mailed three envelopes from the Dalton post office last week, one each to Roswell, Stone Mountain and Loganville. It took all three of the envelopes three days to get to their destination. That is absolutely pitiful. You better get your Christmas cards in the mail by Oct. 1, 2020, for delivery before Christmas."

"If Trump showed up at his daily briefing wearing a Batman suit, and pronounced that Batman is real, and he is Batman, his followers would believe him."

"Donald Trump sure doesn't make it easy to be a proud Republican."

"I haven't been able to get in and see my doctor for over four months, yet they are recommending physical therapy? No thanks."

"Who would have thought that when people were really sick and needed doctors that your doctor's office would be closed? It's just amazing to me. There are optometrists open, different people that are open, but our doctors' offices are still closed. Why can't they open back up to help everybody that needs them?"

"Will Hunter Biden be Joe Biden's vice president?"

"The mainstream media portray Joe Biden as a nice guy, but every time somebody disagrees with him and has a different point of view he starts yelling and wants to fight them. Is this their definition of a nice guy?"

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