Today's Forum for Aug. 8-9

"Thanks to Whitfield County Public Works for finally mowing the county and of Haig Mill Lake Road. Hasn't looked this good since before Easter weekend, the last time it was mowed!"

"Poor Attorney General William Barr, having to deal with condescending questions. Actually, he should have been answering those questions from a jail cell. The people questioning him seemed to know something that some Forum people do not. The AG’s job is to represent the people, not the president."

"Let me get this straight. Students took pictures of unsafe conditions in a Paulding County high school (as it relates to COVID) and posted the pics on social media and now they’ve been suspended? Further, their principal has 'warned' other students that they should not do the same or they will have similar consequences? Surely this principal has no knowledge of the First Amendment. This is happening in the same county where students were told to return to classes this month or face possible suspension/expulsion. Wake up, people, before we see our rights go up in smoke."

"That poor girl who posted the picture of a crowded hallway in a Paulding County school got suspended. She did the right thing!"

"If you are going to miss the experience of attending football games this fall, just keep ignoring the consequences of not wearing masks and you won’t be watching football games next year or the year after that, and maybe never again."

"It took three days for letters to get to Atlanta? Well, for goodness sake, It’s the mail, not magic. The letters don’t go immediately on a truck and go non-stop to their destination. Things happen. Election officials are aware of this. That’s why mail-in votes have to be postmarked several days before elections occur. Plenty of time to get where they need to go. Let’s face it, the possibility of mail-in voting is only scary to some because Trump knows it makes the ballot box more accessible to people who will vote against him. It makes no sense when he says absentee ballots are good, but mail-in voting would be a travesty. The process is the same."

"The comment about lack of expediency in the post office and Christmas cards was interesting. I was under the impression that people didn't mail out cards like they used to in the past. Postage rates have gone up and it requires handwriting in order to address envelopes."

"If you have breathing and respiratory conditions which make it difficult to breathe when wearing a mask you should not be out in public. You have what they call underlying health issues and are more likely to get the coronavirus. There are several options that are available. So many businesses offer curbside pickup at no charge."

"According to Trump, COVID-19 will just go away. The truth is it will only go away when Trump goes away."

"Could we use some of that money we saved by not building new county offices to slap a coat of paint on the old Admin 1 building? It looks like it's about to fall over."

"'I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman.' So yes, if Trump announced that he was Batman, many of his followers would believe him. Like Batman, Trump is a human with powers that seem within reach. A good, saner alternative to Joe Biden's 'Invisible Man' character."

"Sorry to disagree, but Kyle Wingfield was spot on about his take on teachers."

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