Today's Forum for Dec. 17

"When Republicans disagree with Republicans, they’re told that they are RINOs. The party is trying to silence anything they don’t agree with, even if it’s the truth."

"I hate to break it to the poster who said that Trump would punish people for the 'Let's go Brandon!' thing when he's back in office, he's never going to be in office again. He's not even going to run, that's just another con."

"To the person thanking President Biden for some good metrics like low unemployment and your 401(k) rise, you left out some stuff. How about the highest number of illegals crossing our southern border; highest inflation in 39 years; significant rise in crime and homicides in our cities; more COVID deaths than during Trump's term but now we have vaccinations. Oh, not Biden's fault? Then why are you giving him credit for the good numbers?"

"Here’s a tidbit of information you may not have read: Journalist John Stossel is suing Facebook for labeling something he wrote as 'false and misleading.' Facebook countered by admitting their fact-checks are 'mere statements of opinion.' They can still remove your posts if they disagree with your own statements of opinion."

"Seems premature for the school systems to announce their plans to relax COVID protocols after the holidays. There will be family gatherings and parties, and COVID will spread. The omicron variant will very possibly be dominant by the new year, and we don't yet know disease severity despite articles saying omicron causes milder disease. Those early results are from South Africa which has a much younger population than the U.S. or Europe. Why not wait before deciding?"

"For those who posted the 'Build Back Better' explanations in the Forum, don't be naive. That doesn't say what they have in mind for the money."

"Can someone tell me why law enforcement won't get out on the highways and write people tickets for loud mufflers or for tailgating? Are they afraid to get out on the road?"

"Firing career military people for not taking the shot is not going to play well in Peoria and Wichita but it will get Republicans elected in 2022 and 2024 in droves. Matter of fact, it will do more than any campaign contribution could ever do."

"Somebody in the Forum said Putin's not afraid of Biden. My pet chihuahua is not afraid of Biden."

"Stacey Abrams is far more dangerous than Marjorie Taylor Greene."

"I agree with the person who put in here about the phone calls and not having computers and online stuff. I agree with that totally, and if we had it we wouldn't know how to go on using it. You call someone at an office and have to leave a message on a machine. I just don't like at all having to talk to a machine. It needs to be where you can talk one-on-one like it used to be. Most of the time they don't ever return your calls. That's not a good thing in my opinion because you need to know an answer to your question or whatever reason you're calling for, it needs to be answered. It needs to be more of a personal, one-on-one than the way it is now."

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